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WinOne Provides Scratch Card Gambling in Mobile Phones

Last February 16th, 2007, Finland base WinOne, a well known supplier of money games destined for mobile phones announced the launch of their scratch card games which are available to their customers via their own mobile phones. The scratch card game, which is Java enabled will showcase a horoscope like theme and has about 12 versions with their own astrological sign and birth stone.

The scratch card game is appropriately named GemScope. The game will help their player use the keys of their mobile phones to "scratch out" their own astrological sign and in turn, win one of the prizes. Another feature of the game is an additional stage that will provide each player with his own personalized star sign and horoscope. Thus, the player's experience is different every time whether they win or lose.

Rufus Miles, Vice President of Business Development, said that they made this sort of game so that their players will feel that they are getting a lot of good value with their hard earned cash. He also thinks that this game is one of a kind. WinOne also said that GemScope is just the first of the games that they will launch in the Mobile Gambling/Entertainment market or "Mobile EnterGainment", which is a relatively new concept.

Miles added that a lot of players in the mobile gambling industry are looking for new and exciting games and overall entertainment and fun by just using their mobile phones.

They will be releasing other games using that idea. The GemScope Game runs on the EnterGainment Gaming Platform, both the distribution and even personal mobile phone recognition.


Thursday, March 08, 2007