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WinAsUGo Offers Prepaid Cards for Mobile Casino Gaming

On April 21st, 2008, British mobile betting casino WinAsUGo, is expanding their payment option by featuring a prepaid card in street locations all over the country. The expanding community of real cash mobile gambling enthusiasts can now set aside their credit card and choose a more safe, secure and widely available option.

The one-of-a kind card has a very distinctive design, like the top class gambling interface of WinAsUGo. The design of the Mobile Poker branded cards seems to attract a lot of shop customers. The vouchers can also be bought with values, from 5 pounds up to 499 pounds.

Jonathan Williams, the marketing manager for WinAsUGo said that the use of prepaid cards is a growing sector in the mobile gaming industry. He said that a lot of their competitors have followed them in using this type of payment methods and they believe that branding cards and having a high in-store visibility to WinAsUGo will be the vital differentiator in the mobile gambling industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ukash, Mark Chirnside commented that like paper voucher, the brand new card can be used with any monetary denomination and there will be no additional cost that will be imposed on the consumers. The cards will represent one-of-a kind offers and different promotions to helps customers to save some cash and to act as a reminder where customers can acquire Ukash.

WinAsUGo is a mobile casino based in Britain and features no cost downloads of nine top class mobile casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, hi-lo, poker, baccarat, lottery and sports betting.


06 2008