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Win and Command Technology Partners to Offer Casino Mobile Television Service to Customers

On October 21st, 2008, Win and Command Technology Group have collaborated to launched a streamed casino mobile television service for their customers. Playview3G, permits users on any network to view live streamed casino style mobile Television and place a wager in real time without breaking up from the video stream. It constructs on existing applications where users watch a television chanel with the chance to wager using their home phone.

The service is the initial result of a collaborative agreement between WIN and Command Technology to give interactive mobile video services. The Chief Executive Officer of WIN, Graham Rivers commented that consumers are expecting a lot from 3G video. Playview 3G is an important video service for the wagering and mobile gambling sector, enabling users of 3G mobile phones the opportunity to watch television and wager when they are away from their television.

The partners believe that their new service can offer broadcaster, internet providers and content owners a new platform for interaction with players as well as reliable and audio stream to give content. The two companies also hope that more will come out from their partnership and hopes that their customers will like the new mobile casino television service.


11/11/2008, Tuesday