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New Wave Mobile Announces Its Intent to Acquire WagerPhone

On November 22nd, New Wave Mobile announced its intent to completely take over WagerPhone Inc. for a total of 115 million restricted shares and $500,000 initial funding for the launch of its lottery initiatives.

WagerPhone makes use of the most in-demand technologies of modern times - the Internet and the mobile phone. The devices, along with the skyrocketing demand for regulated gaming, including the National and State Lotteries, translates to a potential multi-billion dollar marketing opportunity which is emerging rapidly.

With the banding together of some of the leading technologies, WagerPhone stands to create a unique melding of multimedia that will provide lotteries across the nation with an extensive channel of sales and distribution.

WagerPhone will make it possible for consumers to purchase lottery tickets, scratch cards, casino games and even bet on their sports teams via their mobile phones. It's literally putting it all in the palm of their hands.

WagerPhone offers the consumers these conveniences with the use of SMS, J2ME, Brew, WAP, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), and Online technologies.

WagerPhone's value proposition expresses that through their technologies, lotteries will be able to sell more tickets, tap new demographics, and bring down their operational costs. To top it all off, their customers will be able to play their favorite games anytime and anywhere.


Sunday, December 03, 2006