Vodafone Live offer Mobile Betting Services

The European mobile betting industry continues to expand as one of the biggest mobile communication service company - Vodafone Live! is joining force with A1. This innovational cooperation allows Vodafone's clients to bet via mobile phones. This means that more than one hundred million clients can now use m-gambling services in real time.

A1, Austria's GSM network operator, launched its service at the last month of 2005, using Vodafone's portal. This service allows clients to place bets via their mobile phones during times of games, as they occur, though last minute betting isn't new to the gambling industry only now it is offered to so many clients at once.

Unlike in past mobile betting services, this one grants the option to bet even in the final minutes of the game, view payouts as they change and place more bets during the game. These exciting new options are likely to tempt thousands of gamblers to move from the "traditional" bookies-services to m-gambling services.

Manfred Bodner, Co-CEO of A1 has stated that "we are now presenting to A1's customers a convenient service that makes it likely to place bets using mobiles at any time and place". Bonder's saying was strengthened by Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, Head of Marketing: "Mobile phone betting allows A1 customers the flexibility to wage always and everywhere, regardless of time and location". This cooperation leaps Europe's betting industry one step further into the profitable and successful future of mobile betting.

Written by Marx Kinney, Editorial Staff
1st of January - 2006