A research by Visiongain brings new hope for the mobile gambling industry

In the past few years the mobile gambling industry had stumbled in its place and had little luck in producing large profits. There are few but major obstacles that stood in the mobile gambling industry's way: Few operators were offering m-gambling services, and any market with a small number of "players" is doomed to sink into degeneration. Also, the m-gambling industry has yet gone through all the new regulations embraced by world-wide governments. Another entanglement the mobile gambling industry had to pass is the age restriction issue which they had little success dealing with.

But the new year of 2006 brings much hope and relief as the industry moves forward with much vigor according to a new research published last week by Visiongain Company. "Early trials of mobile betting sites have established that the channels as practical sources of profits for gambling site operators" says Jean-Pierre Aubertin, a writer who is in close relationship with the mobile gambling industry and its leaders.

Visiongain's research predicts that 2006 would be the year of vicissitudes as new governments' regulation would ease on the mobile gambling industry. The industry is about to expand in 2006 as many new m-gambling companies are ready to lunch their mobile gambling services, which should stir the industry. By 2008 the mobile gambling industry is predicted to generate $4.23 billion in revenue, and this is a conservative predicament.

Article written by David Bedingfield
Editor. 27/12/05.