Mobile Betting in the US

As many gamblers already know, mobile betting is still prohibited in the United States. Why it is that American government is still relunctant to join this on growing industry spawning tens of billions of dollars?

Well, the story behind mobile betting and the US is more than a bit complicated. The first argument the federal authorities present is that gambling in general is prohibited in most of the US. But if it's the case, why don't they already allow mobile betting where land based gambling is allowed? The only places throughout the US that operate some sort of mobile betting are the Vegas casinos, allowing their gests place bets through their cell while sipping a cocktail in the pool.

But what about places such as Atlantic City and New Orleans? One example is the city of New York, which prohibits all sorts of gambling except the state lottery and horse betting. Why not allow placing bets on horses or the lottery via the cell phone?

It appears as though this mobile betting regulation sprouts from lack of understanding and prejudice. It is more than obvious that regulating mobile betting will not stop the bad seed of compulsive gamblers - they will easily drift to the online casinos or illegal land based casinos. It is safe to assure that the mobile gambling and the US story will yet to unfold.

Douglas Fitzgerald, Editor. 31/08/05