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UK Remote Gaming Expected to Grow Significantly in the Next Few Years

On February 3rd, 2009, mobile gambling has only been available for a number year, yet it has already grown into a multi-billion pounds gaming industry. Traditional offline gaming organizations like Ladbrokes and Gala Coral have set-up widely acclaimed online gaming sites allowing their players to place wagers and participate in different games. In the present economic crisis, a lot of people believed that this improvement would slow down significantly.

But a recent report made by the UK Gambling Commission has sown a 9.7 percent improvement in the number of individuals enjoying remote gaming in the United Kingdom. Around 5.6 percent of the respondents in the UK Gambling Commission report said that they had place their money on the Web, Television, or Mobile Betting products including bingo games, sports books, casino and poker.

The year from December 2008 saw an improvement of nearly one percent from the previous year. Online gaming was again the most popular method of gaming and mobile betting saw a significant improvement with 2.9 percent have utilized this method. National Lottery tickets were the most popular wagering product bought and sports wager was considered to be the most popular activity.


03/03/2009, Tuesday