Txt2Bet Mobile SMS Betting Services Under Criticism from Australian Member of Parliament

The South Australian mobile betting company Txt2Bet was under severe criticism on Friday, the 3rd of February, from Member of Parliament Nick Xenophon. The MP has stated that the company is encouraging mobile betting by offering highly accessible mobile betting services using SMS text messages. This, he states, put the youth in grave danger of developing an addiction for gambling.

Txt2Bet is a mobile betting answer that gives punters an option when it comes to placing a bet: it frees users from needing multiple bookies or TABs; the ability to place a bet by using a simple txt by SMS; secure and immediate pay in & out using an expense debit card that allows you to draw your winnings at any regular ATM.

In fact, since this mobile betting service use a debit-card and doesn't allow users to use any sort of credit it ensures that no underage users might by exposed to any mobile gambling hazards so stated Keith Boerholm, director of the service at Txt2Bet:

"The man or the woman has to place money on our debit card for using our mobile betting service. And from our familiarity with the public of gamblers using it now we can see it hasn't amplified their punting habit even slightly."

On the other hand MP Nick Xenophon had stated in his letter to Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan the following: "(it is stated by the company) That you'll be capable of placing a bet at the same time as working or being at a family gathering, I think points that it will direct to more problem gambling."

At current time no response came from the federal government on the matter, but you want to know more you can go back to our main page and browse for more mobile betting reports.

Mike Mendelson. Guest Editor – 6th of February, 2006