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The Startling Contrast of the Mobile Gaming Market Compared With Other Gaming Markets

On January 5th, 2009, in startling contrast with most of the entertainment, gaming and leisure market, enjoying different games like casino game with the help of cellular phones will grow significantly, lead by the growing UK market, according to the study that Juniper Research conducted. Juniper Research found out that the total bets are expected to grow astonishing rather than drop by 2009 to more than a startling amount of $3.6 billion, where as gamer spending regarding mobile television and mobile games will be affected by the credit crunch.

Dr. Windsor Holden said that gaming industry is resilient when it comes to economic problems, although there might be some reduction in overall gaming appetite, player appetite for anything gaming related will remain as it is. With the growth of various betting options on-portal, the cellular phone and other PDA devices are becoming a key factor in the improvement of the mobile gaming market as a whole.

The report made by Juniper also states that existing bookmakers in Europe now feature some example of wagering service on the mobile phones, with several having collaborated with well-known network operators. But the Juniper Research report noted that gaming regulatory restriction remain the main factor on why not a lot of people are still adopting it even in countries around the world were mobile wagering are permitted. The Juniper Report also urges national and state governments to make a working and solid framework that will handle all forms of mobile gaming services for the safety of both players and gaming providers.

The other findings from the Juniper report include: 1st; mobile wagering will be responsible for the seventy-five percent of all gaming on mobile handsets in 2008, with casino-type gaming the 2nd biggest market. 2nd; the United Kingdom alone will account for more than thirty percent of wagers executed in 2008, although this proportion will drop by just eight percent by 2013 due to the improvement in the deployment of gaming services elsewhere.

3rd; the worldwide gross win from mobile wagering services is expected to surpassed the $1 billion mark yearly by 2012. Juniper Research studies the present and future status of the mobile gaming market based on gaming industry experts' interviews, case studies and analysis from representatives of some of the most respected organizations in the improving mobile gaming industry.


03/08/2009, Sunday