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Sportsbet Defend Move to Encourage Mobile Gaming By Offering $60 Credit

On June 27th, 2008, betting organization Sportsbet has defended their move involving encouraging users to play with the use of their mobile phones and offering them free wagering vouchers. The agency from the Northern Territory has hired a marketing organization to offer $60 wagering voucher to customers via their mobile phones.

Sportsbet chief executive Matthew Tripp commented that their way of encouraging players to play is fair but they have decided to end the campaign by the end of June 2008 because they feel that there will be other method of campaigns that are more effective than their current method. Critics in New South Wales said that this is another failure of the State Government to protect players from the problem of gaming addiction.

But state Gambling Minister Graham West said that mobile gambling is a federal issue. He added that telecommunications is handled by the Federal Government so they need to talk to the Federal Government about the issue. He said that he will talk about the issue with Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister. The main solicitor at Wesley Mission's credit legal service, Richard Brading commented that the occurrence of the wagering phone calls has grown in the recent weeks.

He added that the lure of $60 credit is being utilized as bait to get people into playing. That is something that is not allowed in some forms of gaming like video poker machines gaming in New South Wales and it is not something that has been seen in Australia in recent years.


17 2008