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Sportech to Collaborate With Betting Firm Tote

March 19th, 2008, betting firm Sportech is ready to bet its future with Tote. Head Ian Penrose commented that the company is thinking of buying shares with the state owned bookmaker. The TOTE, which has about 450 wagering shops and accepts wagers at all fifty-nine British racehorses, was placed in the bidding blocked earlier this month.

Sportech, which is based in Wigan, is hoping to produce 400 million pounds for taxpayers. Coral emerged as the frontrunner but Penrose said that they could present a good challenge. Just last year, Penrose acquired Vernon's for 51 million pounds to merge with Littlewoods Sportech.

The merger boost the Liverpool organization's revenues to 11.6 million pounds despite the 400 pounds interest costs due to the credit meltdown. Penrose is also hoping to make it more comfortable for players to mobile betting pools and feature larger jackpots to match with the National Lottery.

Penrose commented that players will be able to play on their personal computers, cellular phones or on the touch screens that are available on wagering shops. The gaming organization is also re-launching their Spot the Ball gaming and another football game. Sportech has a regular 700,000 players but is currently losing about 1,000 players a week.


04 2008