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Spin3s New iPhone Games To Debut at the European i-Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona

On September 11th, 2008, the full service mobile gambling solutions provider Spin3, fully powered by Microgaming, the biggest Internet gambling software provider in the world, has debut their very first commercially viable play-for-real casino table games. Spin3 said that the mobile games that they have made are specifically tailored for the iPhone.

Spin3's games for the iPhone measures up with other online casino games, as they make full use of high-class graphics and in-game effects. Users can also either play horizontally or vertically because Spin3 fully supports the iPhone's flip-screen feature because it improves the mobile games feature touch screen controls.

Spin3 operators can also customize personalized messages for their gamers when they log on to play their favorite casino games. To give their operators with the necessary tools to get the lion's share of the mobile casino gaming market, Spin3 is modifying its vast portfolio of mobile casino games specifically tailored for the iPhone of Apple.

Spin3's casino table games, blackjack and tomb raider, are now available to the users of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile digital devices. The Major Millions progressive slots game for iPhone will also make its worldwide debut at the European i-Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona.

With the immense sales of iPhones, 1 million handsets were sold to the public only seventy-four days since its launch, its really beneficial for Spin3 to make an effort to make games for the iPhone. Spin3 said that making the very first commercially available play-for-real casino games for Apple's iPhone is a great achievement for their organization.

Spin3's Matti Zinder said that iPhone is a handset that is incomparable to any other handsets that are available in the market and they have made their games to specifically suit the phone. He added that their customers will thoroughly enjoy the games that they have made.


17 2008