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Spin3 Launches 3 Card Poker for Mobile Gaming

On April 7th, 2008, service mobile gambling solutions provider Spin3, supported by Microgaming, the world's biggest online mobile gambling software provider, has debut a brand new three card poker gaming feature for cellular phones. The latest mobile game launched by Spin3 shows that the time is already ripe to launch a brand new game in the fast developing mobile industry.

The three card poker variation is a well-known casino table game in most live casinos all over the world because it is not hard to understand and play. The game is played with a normal deck of fifty-two cards that is thoroughly shuffled by the casino dealer before the beginning of each game. The 3 Card poker variation is also composed of two games. These are the Pair Plus and the Ante Games. Players have the option to play the games as a pair or individually.

The debut of the three Card Poker on the interactive platform of Spin 3 follows in the footsteps of Pub Fruity and standard casino games like roulette, blackjack, slots and different scratch card games as the mobile gaming portfolio of Spin3 improves and diversify.

CEO Matt Zinder of Spin3 commented that they are committed in offering good quality mobile gaming products to their customers so their customers can be rest assured that they will totally enjoy their 3 Card Poker mobile game offering. The game will also be available for Spin3 client using the GameWire platform for their mobile gaming systems in the next few months.


23 2008