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Spin3 Announces New Mobile Payment Gaming Option of British Vodafone Users

On August 25th, 2008, Spin3, a provider of well-trusted mobile gambling solutions fully powered by Microgaming, the largest Web gaming software all over the globe publicly announced that the British customers of Vodafone can now acquire casino credits with the use of their monthly bills for the first time ever, giving an easy option to enjoy mobile games duly powered by Spin3.

The Wild Jack Mobile Casino uses the Vodafone British Payforit banking option, which will be offered to other Spin3 operators in the near future. The exclusive collaboration will help the customers of Wild Jack Mobile Casino to acquire casino credits with the cost being place in their monthly bill. Vodafone Britain checks the customer's age with the use of their customer records to block underage players from using the service.

While playing, players can also see what their remaining balance and should they choose to buy more casino credits, they can simply navigate to the banking option from the game that they are currently playing. Robbie Guy, the Marketing Manager of Wild Jack Mobile Casino commented that Spin3 continues to make good business solutions that will help their customers to enjoy its fully potential. He said that in the Games Options menu, their customers will now have an easier way to deposit their cash into their account with no troubles at all. He is confident that this new offering will help them attract more customers.

Spin3's Head, Matti Zinder commented that they always try to produce good gaming products for their customers and make their gaming experience as enjoyable as possible while maintaining the level of quality of the game and its security. Spin3 was nominated for the third time for the Mobile Entertainment Awards, has a gaming portfolio of fourteen mobile games. These casino games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and others.


14 2008