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South Africa Regulates Online And Mobile Gambling Industry

The continent of Europe is not the only one that is actively discussing the hotly contested issue of World Wide Web Casinos. On the other parts of the world, government surprisingly have no choice but to regulate gaming markets like mobile betting and the online casino industry to clamped down on illegal online casino sites and protect the gaming interests of innocent players that only want to play whether on the Internet or with their mobile phones.

On May 26th, 2008, the country of South Africa has made the initial step on that direction and approved a gambling law amendment that would give permission to privately owned providers to get a duly-regulated license from the country. The National Council and President Thabo Mbeki have to approve the new amendment.

Presently, it is not allowed in the country to offer any online casino gaming but despite that ban, the online and mobile betting industry in South Africa is growing. So the government prefers to regulate the gaming market instead of forcing the industry to hide or operate illegally. Should the amendment be approved, online gaming and mobile gaming would now be legal. But gambling advertisement will still not be allowed.


19 2008