South Africa greets mobile betting

On October first mobile betting will be legalized in South Africa and local mobile phones and PDA's providers will begin offering various gambling and betting services. Though this move was a target for some debate logic overcame prejudice in this case. A popular claim was that the low-limit bets and the relatively low payouts will attract mostly lower class gamblers. This is, of course, a somehow funny claim. Presumably, most low-income hard workers do not own a brand new high-tech PDA or cell phone that might incorporate such technology and services. Mobile betting requires a very high standard of security and reliability that can only be reached with the newest mobile apparatus.

Another suggested claim was the privacy that mobile betting provides that can lure problematic gamblers. Though generally true, as family support and spotting is very important in prevention of compulsive gambling, it is hardly the case with mobile betting. A governmentally sanctioned industry that depends on the law's permission to exist will naturally enforce certain regulations to prevent such problems. Mobile betting technology gives much more oversight power to supportive agencies than we currently have. It is much easier to track compulsive gamblers when every time they gamble is registered and monitored.

Daniel Trump, Editorial Team. 2005-09-22