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Sona Mobiles Shuffle Master Recognized by Casino Journal

On June 7, 2007, Sona Mobile Holdings Corporation, a software provider and maker of Shuffle Master's Inc. Vegas Star Wireless platform, was recognized when the Casino Journal said that the Shuffle Master product is included as one of the "Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products of Last Year" in the magazine's June 2007 issue.

The Sona Mobile Technology behind the Vegas Star Wireless Platform permits their customers to participate in the multiplayer casino table games through dealing with the virtual dealers and touchscreen wagering terminals that are needed for extending the gaming space of the casino.

Shawn Kreloff, the Chairman and CEO of Sona Mobile said that they are pushing the mobile gambling market to the next level to enhance user enjoyment. Kreloff said that with this award, it validates all of their efforts to extend gaming enjoyment beyond the traditional gaming space.

This recognition follows at the heels of the recent news that SONA Mobile and their top officials received the go signal from the Nevada Gaming Commission which allows SONA Mobile to actively sell their products to other gaming facilities within Nevada.

Sona Mobile is a provider of secure software programs for different gambling applications. Sona Mobile enables their customers to experience a good gambling game without compromising the quality with the help of the Sona Gaming Platform.


18 2007