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SONA Mobile Gets Permission for Wireless Plans from Nevada Gaming Commission

As of May 23, 2007, Sona Mobile is slowly but surely making a name for itself in the mobile gambling market. The company was recently chosen by the New York Racing Association (NYRA) for their online wagering plans.

NYRA's plans are the first online betting plans in the history of New York and it has been approved for on premise wireless betting in the state of Nevada.

Chief Executive Officer Shawn Kreloff and Chief Financial Officer Stephen Fellows commented that the organization already received permission from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The approval will allow the organization to sell their products to legally recognized Gaming Commission facilities in the area. The company's server based product allows their players to engage in wireless betting in any area of a recognized casino establishment.

With a good backhouse system, SONA Mobile provides a defined statement of all their customers' activities, giving the casinos an unmatched capability of tracking their players.

The platform of the company, called Sona Gaming Systems is made of both a server and device software that operates on PDA's, Mobile Phones, Tablets and any fixed terminals.

The system is made to work with different software for casino games as well as a horse racing and sports betting application.

The company must get separate regulatory permission from the Nevada Gaming Commission for each of the products that they will introduce into the gaming market before being given a new license.

Kreloff said that they are looking forward to presenting their products to the Nevada Gaming Commission with the gaming facilities in Nevada.

He also said that they feel lucky that they are among the few who were able to follow the strict guidelines of the Nevada Gaming Commission.


04 2007