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Sona Mobile Finishes Online Horse Racing Betting Application for NYRA

On July 15th, 2008, Sona Mobile Holdings Corporation has publicly announced the completion of the Express Funding functionality of their planned online horse racing wagering application for the New York Racing Association or NYRA. Wagering on horse races online was exempted from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement that was passed on 2006 and Sona is developing a mobile betting platform for NYRA that will allow customers to easily access real time racetrack information and safely place bets.

Sona from New York is a provider of safe and high-class software solutions for the gambling and entertainment industries and accomplished the 1st phase of the project last year, which includes making online registration procedures together with fixing access to track information and its online betting capabilities. NYRA owns and manages the 3 biggest racing tracks in New York and Express Funding will be the new option for members of their free rewards program to put money on their accounts.

Members can deposit checks and electronic transfers to their account and players can also withdraw a maximum of $500 in a single day. Shawn Kreloff, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Sona commented that the NYRA rewards program is one of the most outstanding account betting programs in the horse racing industry. He added that NYRA's use of Express Funding paves the way for Sona to continue making good and well-tested enhancements to the system.


03 2008