Sky Launches New Mobile Betting Services

Sky, the UK's number one TV Company, offers new mobile betting services to its premium clients that had subscribed to Sky Bet Service that can be located on Sky's clients can now participate in mobile betting services that feature sports betting such as horse racing, football, darts, greyhound racing and so forth.

The new betting services offered by Sky are compatible to GPRS, 3G or WAP on a wide range of mobile phones. These mobile phones can be used to operate such betting services: Nokia's N70, N91, 6600, 7610, 6020, 6230, 6140i; Blackberry's 7100, 7230, 7700; Motorola's V3 RAZR, E1000, V975, C975, V3X and V600.

Vodafone clients, which had also gained access to mobile betting services during past month, can log into Sky's mobile betting services as well. Along the cellular betting services Sky's customers can enjoy downloading and viewing movies via there cell phones. This gives UK's gamblers more options to wage via their cellular phones, like the mobile lottery services. For more gambling services by Sky you can also check out

Jay Thornton, Editorial Staff. 16th of January - 2006