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    Controlling mobile gambling, Controlling gambling with mobile technology
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    Mobile Betting Baseball
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    Mobile Betting Technology
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  8. Mobile Betting Enters Fifa World Cup Games
    The 2006 Fifa world cup will present a revolution in mobile betting, with the largest scale of Mobile betting ever seen in the cellular gaming industry, and with gambling offered for most soccer games.
  9. 27 Suspects Were Arrested Due to Illegal Betting Activities in Tardeo and Chembur
    Police Officers led by Sanjay Morihite arrested 27 people involved with illegal betting on cricket matches between India and Sri Lanka. Police also confiscated telephones and mobile phones.
  10. 32Red Debuts on Mobile Setting with Spin3
    32Red has collaborated with Spin3 in order to offer games in the mobile setting. The company has also ensured that the games can be easily downloaded by players in their mobile phones.
  11. 32Red,Ladbrokes,Party Gaming and Mecca Bingo Explores Mobile Betting Option
    Gaming companies like Mecca Bingo, Ladbrokes and others are exploring the mobile wagering option. This will enablegaming companies to reach a new segment of customers.
  12. 3G gambling applications
    3G gambling applications are the future. Learn about the current status of 3G gambling.
  13. 65 Bookmakers Arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Squad in India
    The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested 65 illegal betting suspects in Mumbra on July 23, 2007. Police officers also confiscated the suspects' computers and mobile phones.
  14. A Good Deal for Probability, PLC
    Probability, PLC announced that they will be giving casino games for The Sun. Some of these games include casino games, slots and bingo games.
  15. Aces Royal Roulette Now Available on Mobile Phones
    Aces Royal recently launched Aces Royal Roulette via cellular phones. Peter Karsten, CEO of Aces Royal, said that players can now play the game anywhere with the use of their mobile phones.
  16. Addiction signs
    A gambler is exposed for the hazard of gambling addiction, if you're concerned about yourself read inside how to tell if you're a gambling addict.
  17. All Slots Casino Promo Gives Mobile Players Chance to Win iPad 2
    All Slots Casino is holding a unique promotion on Facebook until March 16th, where one lucky mobile player will be awarded an iPad 2 tablet device.
  18. AllSlotsCasino to Launch Mobile Gaming Service is preparing to launch a mobile gaming service powered by Spin3. It will compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch users.
  19. News archive december 2011
    Archive of Past News - December - 2011
  20. News archive february 2012
    Archive of Past News - February - 2012
  21. News archive january 2012
    Archive of Past News - January - 2012
  22. News archive march 2012
    Archive of Past News - March - 2012
  23. BSkyB Picks Mkodo for their Mobile Gaming Needs
    Mkodo has been picked by BSkyB as their mobile gaming provider. Both sides expressed their optimism and happiness about the partnership.
  24. Bartlett Says that Mobile Gaming Growth is Inevitable
    Warwick Bartlett from Global Betting and Gaming Consultants said that the growth of mobile gaming is just a matter of time. Gaming organizations are now investing heavily in the mobile gaming sector.
  25. Bet2Go Announces Collaboration With Better
    Bet2Go recently announced their agreement with Better. It will give permission to the players of Bet2Go to access Better regarding online betting and mobile betting.
  26. BetMarkets Conference to Be Held on March 31st, 2008
    The second year of the BetMarkets conferences promises to be a good one. It will be held on March 31st, 2008.
  27. BetOptions Launches BetPOS Software
    BetOptions recently launched their BetPOS betting software, which allows customers to use different betting options like their mobile phones wherever they are.
  28. Betfair Given Its 2nd Queens Award for Excellence in Enterprise
    Betfair has been given the Queens award for the 2nd time around. Betfair is currently developing their mobile gaming offering.
  29. Betnow Secures Funding for Mobile Gaming Plans
    British betting company Betnow was able to get funding for their mobile gaming plans. Customers can now put down wagers on different sports via their mobile phone.
  30. Betting Racket Discovered in Mumbai and Chennai
    Officers from the CID apprehended Bagaria, Kochar and Bhojnagarwala for participating in betting activities. Officers also confiscated computers, cellular phones and other betting evidence.
  31. Nevada Mobile Betting Regulations
    The Nevada Gaming Commission board is reviewing the use of mobile betting devices after the Legislature passed permitting laws previous spring.
  32. Betting Ring in Salt Lake Discovered by Police Officers
    Police Officers led by Officer Kumar arrested Adarsh Mohta, Jitesh Khaitan and Dinesh Yadav. The trio are involved in illegal cricket betting.
  33. Vegas Wireless Entertainment bought by Bico Inc
    Vegas Wireless Entertainment (VWE) was bought by Bico Inc on 12/2 in order to harvest expand Bico's mobile gaming services
  34. Brian Gooding Wins the Mobile 6Up Game
    Brian Gooding won the 6Up mobile telephone cricket gambling game. He won a total of $20,000 dollars from the games.
  35. Offers Mobile Download of Casino Games Like Roulette and Blackjack has released mobile offerings of all time casino game favorite for their loyal readers. Some of these games include blackjack, roulette and others.
  36. Centrebet and Mfuse Partnership Now Operational
    Centrebet and Mfuse announced the realization of their partnership with the release of their mobile gaming site. Kafataris said that they see the growth of mobile gaming products in the future.
  37. Chartwell Has New Chief Operating and Financial Officer
    Chartwell, one of the key leaders in supplying software systems for the online and remote gaming industry, has announced that its Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer, Don Gleason, has resigned and will be replaced by Dale Kearns.
  38. Club World Group Re-Launches New and Improved Casino online casino has recently been re-launched by Club World Group and features an all new gaming platform with a wide range of slots games.
  39. ClubsNSW Rejected Centrebet's Gaming Installation Offer
    ClubsNSW has rejected the offer of Centrebet to install a mobile gaming system on the clubs in NSW. Peter Newell said that they have rejected the offer out of principle.
  40. Cognitive Powers Announces Improvements in their BBSportsLines Brands
    Cognitive Power recently announced a vital upgrade on their BBSportsLines brands. The service offers sports lovers the chance to get updates on any sports they love at any given time.
  41. Cometa Wireless Gaming Systems Earn $2 Million for Casino Games
    Cometa Wireless Gaming Systems announced that they have $2 million of new funds from Mfusion. Cometa offers Blackjack, Poker and other casino table games on mobile phones.
  42. Czech Republic Proposes Tighter Regulation on Online, Mobile Gaming
    Minister Dzamila Stehlikova is pushing for a tighter regulation on different forms of gaming like on the Internet and Mobile Phones. Stehlikova said it is to protect families in the country.
  43. Darren M. Wins 20,000 Pounds from Wild Jack Mobile
    Darren M. wins 20,000 pounds jackpot of WJMC. Matt Zinder of Spin3 said that this only proves that the mobile industry is on its way to becoming the number one market in the gambling industry.
  44. Del Mar Commissions Sona Mobile to Develop Wireless Wagering Platform
    Del Mar asked Sona Mobile to make a wireless platform that will allow their customers to bet securely using their PDAs.Both sides said to expect great things from the partnership.
  45. Diamond I Announces Completion Of GS2s Preliminary Design
    Diamond I, Inc. announced on October 5, that it has completed the preliminary design of a custom-design GS2 for use in the previously announced Global Gaming Platform venture. The GS2 will be the only hand-held device designed for use in the Global Gaming Platform except for users with mobile phones.
  46. Diamond I Presents Completed GS2 Preliminary Design
    After the previously announced Global Gaming Platform venture, Diamond I announced the completion of GS2s preliminary design for use. The Global Gaming Platform will enable video, audio and betting information from real gaming devices to be transmitted without delays to the Internet, Diamond Is GS2, PDAs and mobile phones simultaneously anywhere in the world.
  47. Digital Orchid Offers Mexico National Lottery on Mobile Phones
    Digital Orchid Incorporated debuted the National Lottery on cellular phones in Mexico. Bob Betros that they are happy about the success of their mobile lottery project.
  48. FET Debuts FET Sports Channel Together With Sports Lottery and Mobile Betting
    Far Eastone Telecommunications recently launched their sports channel. The company will also launch sports lottery and mobile wagering.
  49. First Mobile Casino Launched in Singapore
    Spin3, Microgamings mobile casino associate, and Woo World, a Singapore based entertainment aggregator, have teamed up to offer Singapores first mobile casino. The Spinfone suite will consist of five casino style games from which WooWorld andn the mobile operators will share revenues.
  50. Five Bookies Placed Under Arrest; Charges Await in Singaporean Court
    In Singapore, five members of an illegal betting syndicate were arrested by the police in two raids last Friday. The arrested men are now facing charges against them at the Subordinate Courts.
  51. Revenues for Mobile Betting Companies at 2006 Football World Cup
    VisionGain, UK's independent media company has released its report on future revenues made by the mobile betting industry from 2006 World Cup.
  52. GSN and Two Way Collaborate to Bring Interacive Mobile to U.S. TV Programming
    GSN and Two Way collaborate to bring viewers interactive mobile gaming. The games that the two companies intend to offer include poker and blackjack.
  53. Gambling Commission Thinking of Allowing Cellular Phone Gambling in Nevada
    The Gambling Commission is thinking of rescinding the ban on cellular phone gambling in Nevada. The Commission previously banned cellphones because of dishonest gamblers and bookmakers.
  54. Gameloft Launches New Games for iPhone Like Backgammon
    Users of iPhone can now play the games that Gameloft recently released. Some of these games are Brain Challenge, Bubble Bash, Chess and Backgammon and others.
  55. Games Movil Finalizes Collaboration With Lotto Rwanda
    Games Movil finalized a deal with Lottery Rwanda that will provide the Lottery 1,000 sports betting locations, etc. Lind said that the agreement is an important step towards their goals.
  56. Gamesys Utilizes Rapid Mobile's Thinkphone and Provisioning Platform for their Mobile Offering
    Gamesys said that by using the provisioning platform and Thinkphone of Rapid Mobile will help them offer good games to their customers. Both sides also expects a lot from the partnership.
  57. Gaming Commission Study Shows Increase in Online, Mobile Gaming
    A study made by the gaming commission shows an improvement with Internet and cellphone gaming by players. Female players increase by 6.5 percent on 2008.
  58. Gaming Companies Position Themselves to Take Advantage of Mobile Gaming Growth
    Mobile gaming companies like Mfuse are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growth of the mobile industry in the next few years. They believe that mobile gaming is the next big thing.
  59. Gaming Corporation and Vodafone Ink Mobile Casino Agreement
    The Gaming Corporation and Vodafone have signed an agreement to bring mobile gambling to subscribers using cellphone java games. The mobile game players can choose from stud poker, blackjack and scratch cards among other games. They games can be played for money or merely for fun.
  60. Gaming International Sells Instructional Cards On Roulette
    Gaming International has been around for 20 years and they have helped countless gamblers through the use of their instructional cards teaching them ho wto play. They have already amassed a level of $650,000 in revenues annually.
  61. Glu Mobile Launches WSOP Mobile Poker Game
    Glu Mobile just recently launched their WSOP Mobile Poker Game. Poker enthusiasts can now test their skills against top poker pros like Johnny Chan, Elizabeth Shannon and others.
  62. Glu Mobile's World Series of Poker Pro Challenge
    Glu Mobile borrowed some poker celebrity status with the release of their World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge. Players can compete with poker celebrities like Shannon Elizabeth and many more.
  63. Golden 8 Slot Game Launched for Mobile
    Golden 8 slot game is now also available for mobile devices. The online casino players can now continue their games even without being at their desktop. The players can play the same game by being interconnected to the online casino through their mobile handsets and PDAs.
  64. Golden Palace And Their Mobile Gaming Software
    Golden Palace supports over 800 mobile devices in their mobile gambling offerings which include a variety of casino games including blackjack and poker. Golden Palace has been offering mobile gaming solutions for just over one year.
  65. Good Results for Mobile Carrier Probability
    Mobile company Probability, PLC posted good results for the second quarter of the year. Increase in VIP customers pushed the results of Probability, PLC.
  66. Gov. Patricks Plans to Ban Mobile Gaming in Massachusetts
    Gov. Deval Patrick is planning to ban Mobile gaming in Massachusetts. Mobile gambling supporters are against this plan by Gov. Patrick.
  67. Haryana Police Officers Arrest Sunil Kumar on Illegal Betting Charges
    The police department in Haryana arrested Sunil Kumar on illegal betting charges. Police officers confiscated a television, 2 mobile phones, Rs. 4500 in money, a diary and a calculator from Kumar.
  68. High-End Betting Racket in New Delhi Discovered by Authorities
    Officers from Saraswati Vihar have arrested Vikrant Gupta and Anil Garg for conducting illegal cricket betting activities from their car.
  69. HipCricket Incorporated Collaborates With Several Broadcasting Organizations on Mobile Marketing
    HipCricket Incorporated announced their partnership with several broadcasting groups on July 10, 2007. Both parties agree that the partnership is beneficial for both sides.
  70. Hop-On Continues to Acquire Trademarks for Mobile Plans
    Hop-on Incorporated is continuing to process and pursue trademarks for their plans in the mobile market. Hop-on is also currently making its presence known in the mobile market.
  71. Hop-On Incorporated Looks for Mobile Gaming Software Distributors
    Hop-on Incorporated is looking for partners for their mobile gambling program. The Casino Host of Hop-on will provide all of the material for players to enjoy casino games.
  72. Hop-On Incorporated Versus European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson
    Hop-on Inc. plans to contest the lawsuit that the countries from the WTO will file against the U.S. Hop-on said that the taxes should remain in the country.
  73. Hop-On Pleased With House Judiciary Committees Hearing on Mobile Gaming
    Hop-on Incorporated is pleased with the result of the House Judiciary Committe regarding mobile gaming. The company added that they will have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the market.
  74. Hop-On to License Mobile Gambling Software in Europe and other Countries
    Hop-On plans to license their mobile betting software in Europe and other parts of the world. Peter Michaels said that new 3G technologies and cellphones will help push the growth of mobile gaming.
  75. Hop-on Benefits from AT&T and Verizon Mobile Announcement
    he announcement made by AT&T and Verizon will greatly benefit Hop-on. The main reason is that Hop-on will have more access to potential customers.
  76. Hop-on Keeps An Eye Out for Casino Hosts
    Hop-on Incorporated is currently looking for casino hosts that will offer and distribute their mobile gaming products. Players can now play anywhere, anytime they like with their mobile phones.
  77. Illegal Betting Ring Raided in Kolkata India
    Officers from Kolkata raided an illegal betting ring in Baguihati arresting the following 3 bookmakers - Anil Bagaria, Praveen Kochar and Rajesh Agarwal.
  78. India and China Next Major Mobile Gaming Market
    The countries of China and India are currently the 2 fastest mobile gaming markets in the world. Analysts predict that the profits from the industry will reach $4.6 Billions by 2011.
  79. Mobile Betting Expected Increase In the Next Five Years
    According to Juniper Research, one of the leading industry analysts, mobile gambling is going to become more popular, and betting is expected to rise tremendously over the next 5 years.
  80. Interactive Gaming Market Developer Zone4Play Discusses Their Plans for 2007
    Zone4Play, a well-known developer in the interactive gaming market, outlined their plans for 2007 on April 2, 2007. The company plans to concentrate on interactive TV Gaming and their Blackjack Tournament.
  81. International Game Technology (IGT) Endorsed by Nevada Regulators
    The Nevada Gaming Regulators have endorsed International Gaming Technology as a provider of mobile gaming devices in Law Vegas. The city is undergoing a trial of wireless devices in the public vicinity of the casinos.
  82. Intralot Criticized for Mobile Lottery in NSW
    Intralot has draw a lot of opposition in NSW regarding their plan to let customers buy lottery tickets with their mobile phones. But Intralot said that they want to meet the demand of their customers.
  83. Jersey Legislators Support Mobile Betting
    The legislators of New Jersey want to change current policy in hope to allow the use of mobile betting devices in Atlantic City's casinos.
  84. Juniper Expect Good Growth for Mobile Gaming
    The study conducted made by U.K.-based Juniper Research states that mobile gaming will grow by $12 billion by 2010. U.S. is also expected to overtake the U.K. if the UIGEA is repealed.
  85. Juniper Predicts Mobile Growth by 2012
    Juniper Research said that the mobile market could grow as much as $12 billion by 2012. The organization added that the U.S. market could surpassed the British market by 2012.
  86. Juniper Research Studies the Mobile Gambling Industry and Predicts Growth
    Juniper Research predicts the growth of mobile gambling by 2011, despite the problems that it encountered in 2006. Both the European mobile market and the Asia Pacific mobile market are also expected to grow.
  87. Juniper Study States Mobile Gaming Will Grow $12 Billion by 2010
    The new study released by Juniper Research states that betting with the use of mobile phones will reach $12 billion by 2010. Mobile lottery will contribute most to the total mobile earnings.
  88. Le Cong Hai and Company Face Illegal Betting Charges
    Vietnamese authorities plan to file a case against Le Cong Hai and 19 other suspects they caught in the midst of illegal betting. Officers confiscated various gambling paraphernalia.
  89. M Resort Finalizes Mobile Gaming Agreement With Cantor Gaming
    M Resorts has closed an agreement with Cantor Gaming regarding providing mobile gaming on the casino floor of M Resorts. Both sides said that they are expecting a lot from the partnership.
  90. M Resorts and Cantor Finalize Mobile Gambling Agreement
    Cantor Gaming and M Resorts has just recently finished their mobile gambling agreement. Players can now enjoy different casino games even if they are not in the gaming floor.
  91. MGS Announces Buyout of Bowman Holdings
    MGS announced their buyout of Bowman Holdings. The agreement between the two companies was signed on August 10th, 2007.
  92. Mfuse Collaborates With British Sports Betting Giant William Hill for Mobile Offering
    Mfuses Collaboration with William Hill will help the sportsbetting giant to attract new patrons. It will also enable William Hill customers to log-in directly on their account from their phones.
  93. Mfuse Provides Mobile Betting Services to William Hill and Sky Bet
    Mfuse is tasked to provide mobile betting offerings to both William Hill and Sky Bet. William Hill and Sky Bet will now be able to allow their customers to bet with their mobile phones.
  94. Mfuse Signs Mobile Deal With Ladbrokes
    Mobile company Mfuse Limited signs an agreement with Ladbrokes to help the company promote their mobile offerings. Mfuse said that they believe that advertising could help the cause of their client.
  95. Mfuse to Give Mobile Betting Options to William Hill PLC and SkyBet
    The Mfuse gaming platform will be fully linked with the back-end part of William Hill and SkyBet. The customers of both gaming companies will be able to use their phones to bet anytime they want.
  96. Million 2-1 and Rank Finalizes Mobile Gaming Agreement
    Million 2-1 and Rank finalized a mobile gaming partnership that will allow players to enjoy games from IGT and Barcrest. Both companies expects a lot from the mobile gaming partnership.
  97. Mkodo to Fulfill Sky Bets Mobile Gaming Needs
    Mkodo will be the sole provider of Sky Bets mobile gaming requirements. Both sides believe that the partnership will be beneficial on both sides.
  98. Mobenga Creates Mobile Betting Opportunity for Celtic FC Fans
    Mobenga developed a mobile betting option for all of the fans of the Celtic FC to enjoy. The company also said that this will also allow fans to track the activities of their favorite team.
  99. Mobenga Wins the NordicBet Project
    Mobenga has been awarded the contract for providing mobile services to NordicBet. Nordicbet's services will be fully operational in 2008.
  100. Mobenga and Unibet Collaborate to Make Mobile Gaming Service For their Customers
    Mobenga has finalized an agreement with Unibet to make mobile gambling services for Unibet. Both sides are optimistic and hopeful about the future of the partnership.
  101. Mobile betting articles
    Mobile betting articles
  102. Mobile Betting Expected to Jump Higher by 2011
    With the revolution of 3G capable cell phones, mobile betting is now reaching new heights.
  103. Mobile Betting Gaining Strength Despite Online Gambling Crackdown
    Analysts predict that mobile betting will be enjoying a healthy profit in the years to come. The prediction remains positive despite the growing efforts of some countries to curb online gambling.
  104. Mobile betting news
    Mobile Betting News
  105. News archive april 2007
    Mobile Betting News - April 2007
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    Mobile Betting News - April 2008
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    Mobile Betting News - September 2005
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    Mobile Betting News - September 2006
  146. News archive september 2007
    Mobile Betting News - September 2007
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    Mobile Betting News - September 2008
  148. Mobile Casino Sweepstakes
    MGN Casino Sweepstakes features casino games anyone can play online or through a mobile phone. Texas HoldEm is the main feature of the site, but the games also include blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker which can be played online or on a mobile phone through a browser.
  149. Mobile Casinos Now Available
    Online casinos are about to embark on a technology venture that will bring their games from computers to mobile phones. Blackjack, slots and roulette are just three of the games now being offered for mobile casino gaming.
  150. Mobile Developer Hop-on Incorporated Looks for Casino Hosts
    Hop-on is currently looking for casino hosts for their latest mobile gaming innovation. The company said that gamblers will now be able to play comfortably with the latest innovation.
  151. Mobile Gambling Revenues Predicted to Reach $16 Billion by 2011
    Despite anti-gaming laws in the United States, with new developments and advancements, the international mobile gambling market remains relatively strong. Juniper Research said that Europe and Asia Pacific will be the key areas of growth for the industry.
  152. Mobile gambling summit
    The Mobile Gambling Summit is to be taken place in London - January, 2006. Read more about this unique summit here.
  153. Mobile gambling tips
    Mobile Gambling Tips
  154. Mobile Gambling in Britain is On the Rise
    Studies by the Gambling Commission that are released on August 1st, 2007 shows that mobile gambling is on the rise. It also shows that most players that utilizes mobile gambling are male players.
  155. Mobile Gambling on the Rise in the United Kingdom
    Mobile gambling in the UK is booming as more mobile companies form partnerships with gaming platform companies to launch new casino games that will allow users to play and bet via their mobile phones.
  156. Mobile games
    Inside you can read about mobile gambling games – which are available, when was they developed and more.
  157. Mobile Games Approved For Players On The Go in Las Vegas
    Players will now have the chance to play their favorite games without ever having to step inside a casino or a gambling hall. The reason for this is that just recently, the state of Nevada passed a law permitting portable handheld gambling devices in the area.
  158. Mobile Gaming Groups Expects Growth in Sales with Nokia N-Gage and iPhone's Debut
    Mobile gaming groups have great expectations with the coming year with the debut of Nokia N-Gage and iPhone. Javier Ferreira said that they hope to expand their current market reach.
  159. Mobile Gaming Market on the Rise According to Rajter and Soderlund
    Christian Rajter and Lars Soderlund both said that companies can really earn from the mobile gaming industry. The industry can also be the brand new source of income for gaming organizations.
  160. Mobile Gaming Market to Grow $12 Billion by 2010
    According to the study of Juniper Research, mobile gaming will improve to $12 billion by 2010. The U.S. market can also overtake the British market if the UIGEA is repealed.
  161. Mobile Gaming Trials: Vegas Plans to Take a Shot
    Field trials will begin this year for the nations first mobile gambling devices. The development promises to be the next big innovation in casino technology and will alow casino visitors to partake of casino games form virtually anywhere on the property.
  162. Mobile Gaming in Victoria by Intralot
    Gamblers could now enjoy lottery with their mobile phones in Victoria. Intralot has been recently granted a license by the Victorian Government.
  163. Mobile Gamings Popularity in Great Britain
    Gambling Commission has recently released a study that shows the immense growth of mobile gaming in the UK. It also shows the growing interest in playing PCs, mobile phones and others.
  164. Mobile online casinos
    Mobile Online Casinos
  165. Mobile sports betting
    Mobile Sports Betting
  166. MobileAware Announces Company Plans at the Gaming Executive Summit
    Sales Director of the EMEA, Victor Brophy, explained the company's plans and strategies at the recently concluded Gaming Executive Summit. He claims that this is a good time to take advantage of the growing mobile gambling market.
  167. Nagpur Authorities Set to Stop Bookmakers and Mobile Gambling
    A special cell of Nagpur police officers are currently under special training in order to fight illegal betting rings. Illegal betting is rampant in India, especially with the cricket world cup.
  168. National Gaming Survey States that Canadians Like Online Betting and Mobile Betting
    Allan Greg said that the survey shows that young people like to play on an online casino or with their phones. Canada's government and charities also receive a lot of profits from the games.
  169. Negreanu and I-Play Collaborate to Make Mobile Poker Instructional Videos
    Poker pro Daniel Negreanu and I-Play collaborated together to make mobile instructional poker videos. Beginners and advance players can immediately understand the videos.
  170. Nevada Regulators Approve Launch Of Mobile Casino Games
    State regulators in Nevada have approved the license of International Game Technology making them the second company on the market competing for the wireless gambling market in the state. Wireless gamblign was approved in 2005 following legislative eddorts led by Cantor Gaming.
  171. Nevada States Mobile Betting Services Are Secure and Reliable
    On the 23rd of February Nevada regulators approved the use of mobile betting devices and in the near future they would be operational in casinos.
  172. New australian mobile gambling research
    A new study held in Queensland, Australia, tries to find the effects of mobile gambling on Australian phone users, by studying betting habits of mobile gamblers.
  173. New Gambling Bill for Kentucky Delayed by the State’s Governor
    The Governor of Kentucky has delayed the introduction of a new gambling bill he has intended for the state due to issues with legislative redistricting.
  174. New High-Tech Security System at Aspers
    Dallmeier, a leading provider of video surveillance systems, has installed a state of the art security system at Aspers.
  175. New Multi-Platform Mobile Betting Service Released by will be offering a unique multi-platform mobile video streaming service that will enable consumers to bet on and watch live sporting events.
  176. New Rounders Poker Game Based on the Film Rounders to be Accessed via Mobile Phones
    The Nazara Company from India created a Rounders Poker Game based on the film, Rounders. Nazaras CEO, Nitish Mittersain, said that they have made the game resemble the film as closely as possible.
  177. New Wave Mobile Announces Its Intent to Acquire WagerPhone
    New Wave Mobile announces its intention to completely take over WagerPhone Inc. Wagerphone promises to be a lucrative venture by applying two of modern times indispensable technologies-- the internet and the mobile phone.
  178. New Wave Mobile Inc. to Enter Worldwide Alternative SMS Lottery Business
    New Wave Mobile Inc. announced its 100% acquisition of WagerPhone Inc. will soon be finalized. The company aims to capitalize on the growth potential of the mobile industry.
  179. New York Allows Horse Racing Wagering Powered by Sona Mobile
    The New York State Racing and Betting give permission to NYRAs application for pari mutuel betting on online sites. NYRA's online betting platform will be powered by SONA Mobile.
  180. New York Approves of Internet and Cellphone Betting Regulations
    The New York Racing and Betting Board has approved of NYRA's pari-mutuel betting application. NYRA can now offer their online betting platform made possible by SONA Mobile.
  181. North Delhi Illegal Cricket Betting Ring Closed Down by Police Officers
    Police officers arrested Saurabh and Sachin Gupta for allegedly operating an illegal betting ring in North Delhi. Police officers also confiscated four cellular phones and others.
  182. Officers Fail to Arrest Kumar for Illegal Betting Case
    Love Kumar was failed to be apprehended by police officers. Kumar was involved in an illegal betting case.
  183. Officials of TV Stations and IT Firms Allegedly Involved in Organized Gambling
    Many state owned TV stations and IT firms in Vietnam are being accused of rigging mobile gaming contests and withholding the big prizes from the winner.
  184. Online Gaming, Mobile Gaming Industry Growing in Norway
    The online casino industry and the mobile gambling industry is improving in Norway. Males outnumber females in terms of playing in online casinos and a lot of people like playing on mobile casinos.
  185. Orbis Congratulates Skybet For Winning eGaming Award
    Orbis Technology Ltd, congratulated SkyBet upon receiving the Multi Channel Operator of the Year award at the 2nd eGaming Awards. SkyBets win proves that Orbis suite of OpenBet modules are among the best in the marketplace.
  186. Outstanding Reviews from the Asian Gaming Operators for PacificNet Games
    The land-base and online games that are made by PacificNets subsidiary,PactGames were well received at the gamingexpo in Macau. PacificNet said that they are happy with the results.
  187. PacificNet Congratulates the World Series of Mahjong Champion
    PacificNet congratulated the winner of the World Series of Mahjong, Mr. Hui Chung-Lai from Hong Kong. They also recently launched their Mahjong Mobile Pact Game.
  188. Kiron Interactive to Supply Mobile Horse Betting Game
    Kiron Interactive signed a 5-years agreement to provide mobile horse betting game to Phantom Fiber Corporation.
  189. PhilWeb Posts Good Profits for the New Year
    PhilWeb Corporation has posted good profits for this year despite the global financial crisis. PhilWeb president Dennis Valdes said that they are relatively optimistic for the rest of the year.
  190. Pixel Play Gets on the Mobile Gaming Wagon
    Pixel Play, a popular provider of interactive games, announced that they will be launching games that are made by Slingo, a gaming organization that hosts a variety of games found on the web.
  191. Placing Bets Via Your Mobile Phone With Bookmaker
    Bookmaker is a useful betting tool if you are the type of person that wants to wager in mobile phones. It is very easy to use. Sports betting and racetrack betting are available with bookmaker.
  192. Platinum Play Releases Brand New Games for Customers
    Platinum Play mobile recently released brand new games for their loyal customers. Players will also be able to ask the things that they do not know with Platinum Play mobiles 24/7 customer support.
  193. Player-X New Mobile Betting Services for O2 I-mode Clients
    Player X has joined forces with Probability Games and offers mobile betting games such as bingo and roulette.
  194. Playtech Releases Goddess of Life
    A fun theme, great audio visual detail and impressive gaming features are set to make this new online slot a hit.
  195. Playtech and Masabi Join Forces for Mobile Gambling
    Playtech and Masabi formed a partnership to launch secure mobile gambling software for mobile handsets. Now, players can access baccarat, roulette, blackjack and video poker as part of the Playtech offerings.
  196. Privacy Policy
    Declaration of privacy policy -
  197. Probability Hires Bill Henbrey to Company Board
    Mobile gaming company Probability PLC has appointed Bill Henbrey to its board. The company said that they are thankful for the services that the resigning members provided the company.
  198. PureSight's Mobile Betting Content Filters
    PureSight, a leading developer of mobile betting services and content filtering technologies, is about to present its new generation of content filters at the 3GSM World Congress.
  199. Rapid Bet Live to Showcase Cantor Mobile Gambling Equipment at the Venetian
    On November 14th, 2007, Rapid Bet Live will demonstrate mobile devices of Cantor Gaming at the Global Gambling Expo. Both companies said that they are happy with the partnership.
  200. Rapid Mobiles ThinkPhone System Allows for Sophisticated Mobile Gaming
    The brand new ThinkPhone system of Rapid Mobile will allow for one-of-a kind mobile gambling. But gaming critics worry that it might just worsen gaming addiction in the UK.
  201. Research Markets Releases Results of Mobile Betting Study
    Research and Markets have recently released the 5th edition of their mobile gaming study. The study details all of the expectations and predictions regarding the future of mobile gaming.
  202. Research and Markets Releases Mobile Gambling Report
    Research and Markets recently released the 5th edition of their mobile gaming report. The report contains the expectations of Research and Markets about the mobile gaming industry.
  203. Rok TV Mobile Betting For 2.5G and 3G Cell Phones
    The UK mobile TV Company, Rok, has developed TV and video capabilities to use with mobile betting casino games through the cell phone.
  204. Royal Vegas Debuts in Mobile Phones
    Spin3 announced on August 6th, 2007 that Royal Vegas jumped onto the mobile bandwagon. Both sides said that they have learned a lot from their collaboration and are happy working with one another.
  205. SONA Mobile Gets Permission for Wireless Plans from Nevada Gaming Commission
    Sona Mobile recently debuted their Sona Gaming Systems, which allow players to participate in any part of the licensed casino facility with the use of their mobile phones.
  206. SPIN3 Features New Mobile Game
    After its recent achievement being on top at the first ME Awards Spin3, now releases a brand new game. The game offers a maximum jackpot of GBP 500 000 and is formatted to play in a similar fashion to bingo.
  207. New Mobile Betting Services by SKY
    UK's biggest TV Company - Sky offers new mobile betting services to its customers.
  208. Sona Mobile Finishes Online Horse Racing Betting Application for NYRA
    Sona has completed the Express functionality for the online betting platform of NYRA. Sona CEO said that they always ensure that their products will always meet the needs of their customers.
  209. Sona Mobile to Launch Server Gaming System at Global Gaming Expo 2007
    Sona Mobile recently announced that they will be debuting their GLI-certified server based gaming system. The company will launch it at the Global Gaming Expo 2007.
  210. Sona Mobiles Shuffle Master Recognized by Casino Journal
    Sona Mobiles Shuffle Master was recognized by Casino Journal as one of the top 20 gaming products of 2007. Shawn Kreloff said that they are honored that their hard work was recognized.
  211. Mobile Betting in South Africa
    Mobile Betting in South Africa, South Africa greets mobile betting
  212. South Africa Regulates Online And Mobile Gambling Industry
    South Africa has recently made an amendment that will regulate the online and mobile gaming industry of the country. It still needs the approval of the National Council and President Thabo Mbeki.
  213. Spin3 Announces New Casino Credit Option for Vodafone British Mobile Game Users
    Spin3 announce that the Vodafone UK Mobile players can now buy casino credit with their monthly bill. The Wild Jack Mobile Casino will use the Payforit banking option of Vodafone UK.
  214. Spin3 Announces New Mobile Payment Gaming Option of British Vodafone Users
    Spin3 announced that UK Vodafone users can now buy mobile casino gaming credits with their monthly bill. Wild Jack Mobile casino already uses the payforit option for UK Vodafone users.
  215. Spin3 Finalizes PacificNet Mobile Deal
    Spin3 recently announced that they have finalized their mobile gaming agreement with PacificNet. Officials from both companies agreed that this a good deal for both sides.
  216. Spin3 Launches Mobile Progressive Jackpot Betting Services
    Spin3, the mobile betting systems developer, has launched a new minimum 250,000 Pounds three-reel slot video Progressive Jackpot in the UK on the 15th of February.
  217. Spin3 Launches 3 Card Poker for Mobile Gaming
    Spin3 recently launched 3 Card Poker for mobile phones. CEO Matt Zinder said that they are always committed in launching good mobile games and their 3 Card Poker is the evidence of that commitment.
  218. Spin3 Launches Thunderstruck Game on Ladbrokes Mobile Casino
    Spin3 has recently debut the Thunderstruck five-reel mobile casino slots game. Matti Zinder said that they are hoping that their players will love the game.
  219. Spin3 Microgaming Adds Baccarat to Long List of Mobile Phone Games
    Spin3 has added Baccarat to their offerings of mobile phone games. CEO of Spin3, Matt Zinder, stated that since Baccarat is such a popular game, adapting it to their line-up was a natural move for the company.
  220. Spin3 to Launch iPhone Games at EiG Barcelona on September 23rd, 2008
    Spin3 will debut their iPhones Games at the Microgaming booth at the EiG on September 23rd, 2008. Spin3 said that they will continue to make games that their customers will love.
  221. Spin3's Tomb Raider Video Slot game distributed
    Stand-alone Tomb Raider Video Slot game is now being distributed across Europe and North America. This casino-style game can be downloaded onto the players handsets quickly and easily.
  222. Spin3s New iPhone Games To Debut at the European i-Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona
    The brand new iPhone games made by Spin3 will make its debut at the EiG expo in Barcelona, Spain. The expo will start on September 23rd, 2008.
  223. SpinLite Added New Suite of Games to Mobile Offerings
    Spin3 has added three new games, roulette, blackjack and poker, to their already popular suite of mobile games. Spin3 is best known for their success with the Tomb Raider Video Slots.
  224. Sportech Overhauls IT Feature With the Help of Scientific Games and Orbis
    Sportech was able to diversify their reach on different gaming medias like cellphones with the help of Scientific Games and Orbis. 888 Holdings will be Sportechs software provider in September.
  225. Sportech to Collaborate With Betting Firm Tote
    Sportech is planning to collaborate with betting firm Tote. Chief Ian Penrose said that players will now be able to play on computers, mobile phones and even touch screens.
  226. Sportsbet Defend Move to Encourage Mobile Gaming By Offering $60 Credit
    Sportsbet said that there is nothing wrong with enticing players with $60 to play with their phones. Sportsbet Head Matthew Tripp said that they are planning to use other method of promotion.
  227. Stan James Debuts Mobile Betting Platform
    Stan James just recently launched their mobile betting platform featuring the technology from Mfuse. Customers of Stan James can now wager from anyplace that they want to.
  228. Stan James Finalizes BetDirect Agreement
    Bookmaker Stan James recently announced that they have finalized an agreement with BetDirect. Stan James CEO Peter Fisher said that it is a good development for both companies.
  229. Taipei Fubon Bank Offers Sports Lottery, Online And Mobile Betting
    The Fubon bank in Taiwan recently introduced sports lottery through their registered retailers. Richard Yang said that theyalso plan to start online and mobile betting by June 2008.
  230. The Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in Europe
    Warwick Bartlett says the mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries. But Bartlett added that companies should always remember that they have a social responsibility that they must fulfill.
  231. The Mobile Gambling Device of Cantor Gaming at the Venetian Casino
    After years of planning, Cantor Gaming has finally debuted their mobile casino device at the Venetian. If it passess the 3 months test at the Venetian, it will be offered to the rest strip casinos.
  232. The Startling Contrast of the Mobile Gaming Market Compared With Other Gaming Markets
    There is a lot of great expectations about the future of the mobile gaming market. It is widely expected that global gross win from mobile betting services will surpassed $1 billion by 2012.
  233. Third Mobile Gambling Summit to Take Place in London January 22-23
    The Third Mobile Gambling Summit will be held on January 22-23, 2007 in London, where issues affecting the industry will be discussed. In addition, the summit will showcase new mobile phone developments and address the social responsibility of companies and customers alike.
  234. Two Way Announces Launch of Sky Racing Active
    Two Way proudly announced the launched of Sky Racing Active for Tabcorp and Foxtel. It gives concise betting information to Sky Racing Channel customers.
  235. Two Way Interactive Television Profits Smaller Than Expected
    Two Way TV revenues are smaller than expected. Two officials launched some brand new trivia games to solve the problem.
  236. Txt2Bet SMS Services Under Criticism
    The South Australian Member of Parliament had asked the federal government to ban Txt2Bet mobile betting sms services
  237. UIGEA Helps Drive European Gambling Market to New Heights
    Despite the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the United States recently, Online Gambling is still expected to rise on the European Continent. Consequently, Mobile Gambling is also expected to boom.
  238. UK Remote Gaming Expected to Grow Significantly in the Next Few Years
    It is widely expected that the remote gaming market particularly mobile betting will grow significantly in the next few years. the United Kingdom is also expected to lead this growth.
  239. US online gambling still not sure even with DoJ ruling
    Online gambling in the United State still has its obstacles, even with the ruling of the Department of Justice.
  240. Unibet Awarded Marketing Campaign of the Year Honor
    Income Access proudly announced that Unibet was awarded the Marketing Campaign of the Year award. The company has won recognition for their good and outstanding products and marketing activities.
  241. Unibet Posts Good Profit for the First Quarter of This Year
    Petter Nylander, CEO of Unibet, an online gaming and mobile phone company, announced that they have a good profit taking for the 1st Quarter of this year.
  242. Visiongain research brings hope for the future
    Read about the successful future of the mobile gambling industry as predicted by Visiongain's conducted research.
  243. Mobile betting service launched by Vodafone
    The European mobile betting industry continues to expand as one of the biggest mobile communication service company - Vodafone Live! is joining force with A1.
  244. WagerLogic and Sky Betting and Gaming Forms Partnership to Improve Licensee Base
    Both Sky Betting and WagerLogic plans to expand their licensee base. Sky Betting Players can bet through online,TV and their mobile phones with just one account.
  245. Wild Jack Mobile Casino Progressive Jackpot Raises Popularity of Mobile Gambling
    Popularity of mobile gambling continues to increase as a mobile bettor wins the largest progressive jackpot of the Wild Jack mobile casino.
  246. Win and Command Technology Partners to Offer Casino Mobile Television Service to Customers
    Both Win and Command Technology recently collaborated to give their customers Casino Mobile Television Service. Both sides expects great things from the collaboration and product.
  247. WinAsUGo Offers Prepaid Cards for Mobile Casino Gaming
    Mobile casino provider WinAsUGo made prepaid cards for its mobile gambling customers. It can be used for games like slots, blackjack, slots and other casino games.
  248. WinOne Provides Scratch Card Gambling in Mobile Phones
    WinOne launched their GemScope mobile game last February 16th, 2007. The main concept of the game is to have fun, but win cool cash prizes at the same time.
  249. Winning Couple at Casino Rewards
    A lucky couple have won almost €4million at
  250. You Bet's United Tote Presents Mobile Betting Solution
    United Tote recently debuted their mobile phone wagering solution with Phantom Fiber Corporation. The company said that the mobile service will allow players to place wagers.
  251. Zero36 Launches Mobile Casino Services
    Zero36, a developer of mobile games, announced the launch of their O2 i-mode games in Britain using mobile phones. Customers can also play poker, keno and many other games via their mobile phones.
  252. Zone4Play and Two Way Media Limited Forms Two Way Gaming Limited
    Zone4Play and Two Way collaborate to form Two Way Gaming. The main reason for the partnership is to take advantage of the British gambling market.
  253. Offers Customers the Option to Place Bet With their Mobile Phones players can now place their bets with their mobile phones. Players will not have anymore problem even though they cannot log-in in a PC.
  254. Cell phone hang-ups
    Bingo accessories are lovely elements that personalize the Bingo game. read for more information.
  255. Respond
  256. eCOGRA Expands to Bingo, Sports Betting and Live Gaming
    eCOGRA has expanded their testing to bingo, sports betting and live gambling. Previously, eCOGRA only validates online casinos, poker rooms and mobile casinos.
  257. Mobile gambling hazards
    Learn how to prevent your kids from gambling using their mobile phones.
  258. Last Minute Betting
    Last Minute Betting, Betting till the last minute
  259. mFortune Debuts in the Income Access Network
    mFortune recently made its grand debut in the network of Income Access. mFortune is a well-known mobile casino affiliate of Income Access that features different casino games.
  260. mLotto mobile lottery betting services
    The first mobile lottery betting service is now available in the UK - simple, user friendly and cheap applications by mLotto Ltd.
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