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Royal Vegas Debuts in Mobile Phones

On August 6th, 2007, Spin 3, a mobile gambling solutions manufacturer powered by Microgaming announced that Royal Vegas has successfully launched to the gambling public a mobile casino utilizing the GameWire casino system by Microgaming.

Customers can download the mobile casino program for free and put money in their account to start wagering in the game. The state-of-the art and engaging graphics design and option system makes it easy for the users to explore the game.

The Java technology also has a part in the Game Tour that permits the player to try a few spins or hands before they start playing for money. The spokesperson for Royal Vegas said that gambling enthusiasts want new ways to play and mobile gambling offers a different way or option to this need.

With the debut of the mobile casino, Royal Vegas is in a good position to exploit this new option for their customers. GameWire also helps Royal Vegas to explore the mobile gaming market. Customers will now have another alternative aside from playing in a land-based casino or in a personal computer.

The spokesperson added that Royal Vegas is happy to have given Spin3 their mobile offering because it will ensure uninterrupted customer service for players. Matti Zinder, the Head of Spin3 commented that the release of Royal Vegas mobile casino seals Spin3's position in the industry.

Royal Vegas recognized the potential of the mobile gaming industry and Spin3 was able to help them by making good gaming software.


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