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New Rounders Poker Game Based on the Film Rounders to be Accessed via Mobile Phones

When it comes to movies that have gambling, many enthusiasts will immediately include the movie "Rounders" as 1 of their top 10 favorite movies of all time.

On April 17, 2007, it was announced that an Indian company would be creating a new mobile gambling offering based on the film. The game, entitled "Rounders Poker", will give poker fans an opportunity to experience the feeling of the lead character in the movie, Mike, who has to challenge the underground poker industry in order to win the game.

The Rounders Poker game was developed and manufactured by the Nazara Technologies in India. It uses many quotes and situations from the Rounders movie along with the other main characters in the movie, like the infamous Teddy KGB.

Nazara has said that the game will feature awesome graphics, a first person point of view with 3 types of game play, a story which has situations and characters taken directly from the movie, card cheating features like bottom card dealing and signaling, many different opponents represented by their own avatar, a lot of player options which can host up to 7 players, changeable stakes and even a friends list that they could customize to their own needs where they can even choose a picture that will represent themselves.

Nazara's Chief Executive, Nitish Mittersain, said that they believe that the game will not only attract fans of the movie, but the average gaming enthusiast as well.


07 2007