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Rok is Developing TV Mobile Betting For 2.5G and 3G Cell Phones

While the new hype in the cellular world is all about 3G technology, Rok, a UK mobile TV company, says it has developed two way streaming options over GPRS, the earlier mobile transfer standard.

This mobile technology will allow for online betting casino games to be run through the cell phone, and represents a new technological leap in the advancement of mobile betting.

The beta version of the mobile betting software is called "Rok Bet", and it operated according to a rather simple concept.

  • First, a video stream is transmitted to the mobile device, which can either be a 2.5G or 3G handset.
  • Next, the casino player places the mobile bet using Rok's menus to navigate through the casino game and play in the game.

This platform can be used for live horse racing, Blackjack, poker, slot machines, and other casino gambling games played through mobile phones. Because the mobile software enables video, the bettor can, for example, see the roulette wheel, or watch as the dice roll.

Rok is set to expand its operations abroad to include the US market, and it already signed a deal with Teletouch Communications. It might be that this new mobile betting venture Rok is developing will help position the company as a top mobile betting organization.

Mobile casino betting is expected to be introduced with many new contenders using Rok's software, as it will allow for an easier interface for gamblers to use.

Richard Thompson - Managing Editor