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Research Markets Releases Results of Mobile Betting Study

The 5th edition of the mobile gaming report of Research and Markets has been released on February 5th, 2009, making available to the public a comprehensive study of the existing mobile gambling environment. It divides the gambling market by casino facilities, lotteries and wagering and gives vital analysis of the existing national and worldwide rules and legislation on the mobile gaming market. The newest study shows comprehensive one-on-one interviews with the senior officials of the mobile gambling market and examines popular application and gaming service providers, payment processing, network service and customer age verification, with predictions for the future of the gambling market in 8 important areas and the United Kingdom through 2013.

The gaming data in the Research and Markets study is presented in a simple manner, using charts and tables and states mobile gambling adoption level predictions, average wager per player, total wager and gross win. Vital questions on the study include: 1st; who are the important players in the mobile gambling market today? 2nd; what is the worth of the mobile gambling market? 3rd; in which gaming markets in the world are mobile gaming services currently allowed? 4th; what are the chances for the mobile gaming services in the United States?

5th; how have the gaming operator attitudes towards mobile gaming services have changed? 5th; which gaming services will produce the biggest level of player bets and the biggest level of gross win? 6th; what are the remaining problems for the full adoption of mobile gaming services? 7th; which areas will see the biggest adoption levels of mobile gaming services? A company spokesperson stated that the year 2008 has been an optimistic year for a number of mobile gaming service providers, with several reporting total bets improved by more than one hundred percent.

The spokesperson added that the launched of such gaming services has been limited to a few markets like in Great Britain: elsewhere, growth continues to be affected by national and state legislation which affects all forms of remote gaming.


03/11/2009, Wednesday