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Rapid Mobiles ThinkPhone System Allows for Sophisticated Mobile Gaming

On January 20th, 2009, campaigners on gaming voiced concern over a Scottish organization's invention which permits sophisticated gambling on mobile phones. The technology made by Rapid Mobile, which is based in Edinburgh promises to be graphically interesting and highly interactive slot games offering players the opportunity to win big progressive jackpots. Its ThinkPhone system permit games such as one with a Deal or No Deal theme, the 1920's themed Diamond Bonanza and seasonal release name Christmas Bonanza, which is to be delivered onto mobile phones by Gamesys. But critics believe that offering gaming to mobile phones represents a bigger threat even than online betting, as more people have access to mobile phones than computers.

Improving the availability of gaming could push potential gamblers over the edge and cause difficulties for those who are already struggling with the issue. Andy Todd from the RCA Trust, which helps gamers in Scotland, stated that one of his main concerns would be that this highlights the widening accessibility of gambling into more parts of everyday life. Todd added that the more accessible the gaming experience, the more likely that individuals could become addicted to excessive gaming. If players gamble in bookmakers, there is a break from it as the bookmakers close down.

But if players gamble on the internet or on mobile phones, then players can just play twenty-four hours/seven days. The RCA Trust, which is based in Paisley, has given one-to-one counseling service for gaming addicts since 2001. It has supported more than four hundred people and their families affected by problem gaming. This service is provided through collaboration and funding from Gamcare, the leading national provider of support services for gaming addicts. Todd said that through partnership collaboration with other agencies, they now give coverage throughout the urban and rural areas of Scotland, with new gaming addiction counselors being trained yearly to boost their coverage.

A spokesperson for the Department of Culture, Media and Sports stated that the 2005 Gambling Act has implemented new protections and a tighter regulatory framework for remote gaming including mobile betting, the main priority being the protection of minors and people vulnerable to gaming addiction. The Gambling Commission will continue to keep an eye on the developments in remote gambling.

But Jeremy Copp of Rapid Mobile stated that within operating parameter of their gaming license are the requirements to have tight controls on how gambling is delivered. Steve Clark of Gamesys said that a vital feature of their approach is that their mobile gaming products can offer the same games that their members already enjoyed online. He added that aside from the familiarity and loyalty that mobile gaming brings, it also means that they share jackpots between online gaming and mobile gaming, improving the possibility of winning.

Clark said that mobile gambling will be an important part of their overall gaming business since it is a very interesting product for their players and its gives their members a gaming platform to utilize when they are not in front of a personal computer.


03/04/2009, Wednesday