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Rapid Bet Live to Showcase Cantor Mobile Gambling Equipment at the Venetian

On November 7th, 2007, Progressive Gaming International Corporation, a provider of different products and services in the gambling industry all over the world, announced that they will debut their PrimeLine Enterprise Edition 1.0 race and sports book management system at the 7th yearly Global Gambling Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 13th, 2007-November 15th, 2007.

Aside from that, Progressive will feature live demos of the brand new Rapid Bet Live interactive wireless sports betting platform on Cantor Gambling devices at the Cantor Gaming's party in the Opium Room at the TAO restaurant at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino on November 14th, 2007.

The PrimeLine Enterprise Edition 1.0 runs on top class technology that permits good integration from existing network systems. It also integrates all horse racing and sports betting functions into a single system. It is also designed to be a stand-alone system and will surely meet the needs of horse racing and sports betting operators' accounting, tracking, problem management and even entertainment needs.

Progressive does not plan to sell or market their Rapid Bet Live or PrimeLine Classic System. The PrimeLine Enterprise Edition 1.0 will instead feature a wide array of modular use, showcasing Rapid Bet Live, from which race and sports betting operators will be able to license different features on a single basis. It is the same on how Progressive features their Casinolink Enterprise Edition to their patrons.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Gaming Russel McMeekin said that PrimeLine EE gives gaming operators a one-of-a kind solution to effectively managed their sports and racing interests while improving betting activities. The President of Cantor Gaming, Lee Amaitis said that they see a good potential for Progressive sports betting and management applications and are compatible with mobile gambling technology.


21 2007