Next Generation of Mobile Betting and Content Filter Developed by PureSight

PureSight announced last Monday that it will present its new generation of mobile betting and content filter technology at this years' 3GSM World Congress which will take place at Barcelona. The new technology will allow mobile operators to distribute restricted mobile content, such as mobile betting games, to the appropriate users more efficiently.

PureSight's pioneering Active Content Recognition (ACR) expertise on recognizing a Website's content or services. ACR makes a decision if to allow admission to it or not. Each site applied for by users is examined and classified instantaneously by PureSight's ACR to make sure its falling in line with Internet usage guidelines.

The announcement made by PureSight comes in perfect timing as more and more governments are concerned about the mobile betting's hazards, which the ACR can handle easily. With the new generation of mobile betting and content filtering technology it will be possible for operators to offer their services, such as mobile horse betting, without being worry that underage users will be exposed to such services or content.

The new generation will contribute generously to the current level of mobile betting technology and will make way for many operators to offer mobile gambling services more easily. If you would like to learn more about mobile betting then head back to mobile betting where you can find more articles and news regarding the mobile gambling industry.

Written by Managing Editor - Richard Thompson at Thursday, March '06.