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Placing Bets Via Your Mobile Phone With Bookmaker

On September 18th, 2007, with the improvement in technology, players can now wager on their PDA and mobile phones. Previously, it was just a matter of time before mobile gaming became very popular and becomes standard on the cellular phones of gaming enthusiasts.

But to an average gambler, betting using their cellular phones can be a pretty daunting experience because they are not familiar with how much betting on mobile phones will cost.

There are not a lot of gambling companies which also offers betting via mobile phones aside from online gambling. An example of this is bookmaker, a mobile feature that entertains gamblers from different parts of the world.

Using bookmaker is very simple, you can just click the Mobile Gambling link and you will be able to get in a new page to select the model of your mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant.

Although not all cellular phone models and PDA's can support the bookmaker, the most well-known mobile phone models like the Razr, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Samsung, Palm, HP and a lot more can be supported by the bookmaker. The wide array of selection also has pictures that will make it easier for the user to pick their choice of cellular phone.

They could also utilize the device lookup to know if the mobile device that they have chosen can support the bookmaker application. The next step for you is to download the mobile gambling application and put it on your mobile device. The whole size of the application, once downloaded in the mobile device can be from 125 kb or 175 kb and 1.7 MB on a Personal Digital Assistant.

The mobile gaming software is free of charge but players must remember their data and roaming costs could be applied by their mobile network provider, depending on the plan that they have. Once players have installed bookmaker in their mobile phones, they can begin betting.

Bookmaker features mobile sports gambling and racetrack betting. There is no casino and poker available for the bookmaker at the moment. To place a bet using your bookmaker, you have to open the program in your mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant.

Log-in with your name and password to bookmaker and then choose your type of wager (sports bet or racetrack bet). Once you have chosen if you want to sports bet or racetrack bet, you can then place your wager anytime that you wish.

In United Kingdom, gaming enthusiasts that want to wager on their mobile phone with a bookmaker in their area can go through Bet 365. The steps of getting mobile gambling software are the same.


03 2007