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PacificNet Congratulates the World Series of Mahjong Champion

On June 22, 2007 gaming and mobile game company, PacificNet Inc, which also specializes in e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in China, expressed their congratulations to the winners of the World Series if Mahjong.

The first ever World Series of Mahjong was held at the Wynn Macau Resort from June 15-17, 2007. The tournament ended play on the morning of June 18, 2007 at 12:30 a.m. A total of 265 players from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, U.S., U.K. and Denmark joined the event this year.

Mr. Hui Chung-Lai won the championship at the event. The Mahjong player from Hong Kong has more than 50 years of playing experience in the game and scored the highest total in the tournament with 423.11 points.

He won the golden Mahjong medal and the $500,000 check from World Series of Mahjong spokesperson, Mr. Philip Chan and CEO of World Mahjong Ltd, Mr. John Hardyment.

Two other Mahjong players from Hong Kong finished in the places of second runner-up and fourth runner-up, while Taiwanese actress, Ms. Yu Chieh-Ping of PacificNet Inc has worked closely with the World Series of Mahjong and others to promote Mahjong via online as well as mobile portals.

Two Mahjong players, Cui Jian and Feng Zhibin, who qualified online via an online site made by 3Q1 and PacificNet, made it through the final 32 players, winning $5,000 each.

PacificNet also recently launched Mahjong Mobile Pact, which is a Java-based game designed to teach the players the basics of the game with the use of their mobile phone.

The Chairman and CEO of PacificNet, Tony Tong said that they are happy to be the official mobile phone provider for the event. He said that their Mahjong Mobile Pact game is one of their ways to promote the game of Mahjong.

With 100 million players all over the world, Mahjong is considered to be the national pastime of China. It is also played in other Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea. According to industry predictions, mobile online games will become more popular with the availability of 3G networks in China. Online and offline mobile gambling are different from one another in terms of service models.

Online gambling uses telecom service model earning profits from traffic costs during games while offline mobile gambling is simply downloading a game application into a mobile handset for a specific cost.

Industry forecasts predict a good growth for WAP, JAVA and BREW, while a part of the SMS enabled games will slide down. With over 400 million mobile users, China has become the biggest mobile market all over the world.


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