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Outstanding Reviews from the Asian Gaming Operators for PacificNet Games

On June 21, 2007, PacificNet Incorporated, a provider of gaming and mobile phone gaming technology, e-commerce and Customer Relationship (CRM) in China, announced that their sister company, PacificNet Games or PactGames, made a successful exhibition of their land-based and online gaming products in the recently concluded Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Macau.

PacificNet's brand new iGaming software, specifically designed for Asian customers and operators, received good reviews from some leading casino facilities and iGaming operators in the Asian continent, like Macau and the Philippines.

PactGames also design and manufacture gaming systems, online gaming software and hardware platforms for both land-base and online gambling casinos, particularly the Asian gaming market.

Some of the PactGames gaming products include online casino, online baccarat, sicbo, fish and prawn crab card games, poker, bingo, mobile gambling, live gambling, land base kiosks networks, slots, RNG and fixed odds games, with a seamless management interface that allows casino operators to easily manage games and player accounts.

PacificNet has over 1,200 employees across Asia, with 300 engineers in charge of the development of different games that are applicable for both land-based and online casino operators.

Tony Tong, the Chairman and CEO of PacificNet said that they are very happy with the introduction of the new online games to their Asian operators. As Asia grows into one of the most profitable gaming markets, they believe that the demand for Asian related gaming grows.

They have also addressed the need for electronic table games, like sic-bo dice, fish-prawn crab, baccarat, roulette and Asian related games. With their 200 programmers in China, they are able to remain competitive and answer the demands of their Asian customers.

Victor Tong, the President of PacificNet, said that it is only natural for their company as they have a lot of online subsidiaries and mobile partners like Epro and Bell-PACT CRM call centers, PactGames,, and a whole lot more. One of the PacificNet's subsidiaries, is a mobile internet portal in China with 11 million users and features one of the top class mobile online sires like social networking others.


22 2007