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Online Gaming, Mobile Gaming Industry Growing in Norway

On June 20th, 2008, the officials of the Norwegian Government may take a lackluster outlook of online gaming but its citizen do not share that view, according to the statistics held by the Norwegian Gambling Commission. The figures that are released to the public just recently by the Gambling Commission states that Internet mobile gambling market in Norway improved by 6.1% in 2007 with an estimated 244,000 players playing on online casinos.

The Gambling Commission stated that Norwegians spent around 961 million euros while they are playing on the Internet, of which 82.9% or 797 million euros earned by foreign gaming operators, with Norsk Risktoto and Norsk Tipping earning the remaining 258 million euros. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 10,000 Norwegians that belongs to age group of between 16 years old and 74 years old found out that 12% of Norwegian men played on the Internet during the year 2007 while only 2% of the Norwegian adult females plated on the Internet.

Around nine percent of the adults who have previously played on an online casino are now playing with their mobile phones. These types of players are always on the move so they prefer to play with the help of their mobile phones, which are becoming the usual trend nowadays.

Some of the more popular sites in Norway are UniBet, Betsson, Expekt and NordicBet. Around fifty-two percent of the calls that were received by the gaming addiction on 2007 were about poker addiction.


29 2008