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Officers Fail to Arrest Kumar for Illegal Betting Case

On September 27th, 2007, the son of a respected industrialist is involved in an illegal wagering case, in which two suspects were recently apprehended by the police officers of Ludhiana.

After the two suspects were arrested, a call had come on the phone of one of the suspects. The mobile phone was utilized by the bookmakers to communicate with their customers to place bets during any major sporting event. The call was done by a man who had won the wager and was demanding the pay-out.

The Ludhiana police officers identified the man as Love Kumar. Kumar's father is the owner of the Best Cycles in Ludhiana. When Love Kumar was called by SHO Sarabha Nagar to get the wagering payment, he had run away after punching SHO Navreet Singh.

Some insiders said that the SHO went to the Dugri Phas one to apprehend the caller. But when SHO went in dressed in police uniform, Love Kumar was alerted and tried to get away in his vehicle.

Sources said that Kumar could have been easily arrested by the police officers if they went in civilian dress. The officers had received information that Kumar was in Dugri and had planned to get him along with his vehicle. Police Department resources said that lack of proper planning resorted in the failure to arrest Kumar.


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