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North Delhi Illegal Cricket Betting Ring Closed Down by Police Officers

On August 1st, 2007, with the arrest of two suspects who are also brothers, police officers claim to have removed a cricket wagering ring.

The two suspects, 32 year-old Saurabh Gupta and 27 year-old Sachin Gupta allegedly ran an illegal betting ring from their residence located in Shakti Nagar in North Delhi.

The police officers confiscated one colored television, a desktop computer, four cellular phones and a notepad with wagering details.

Bookmakers usually use their mobile phones to communicate with their customers because it is harder for mobile phone wagering to be traced compared to an ordinary telephone.

On Monday, police officers received tips that wagers were being placed in the Shakti Nagar area, on the second match between India and England.

Police officers raided the residence immediately and arrested the two brothers in the act. India has been conducting surprise raids for a year now in an effort to clean out the country of illegal betting rings.

An undercover asset was used by police officers in the raid of the residence. The total amount of cash that was stated in the diary of the suspects was Rs 1,86,950.

A case was already filed under the Delhi Public Gambling Act in the Roop Nagar Police station.


12 2007