Mobile Betting News - September 2007

MGS Announces Buyout of Bowman Holdings
09/24/2007, Monday

MGS announced their buyout of Bowman Holdings. The agreement between the two companies was signed on August 10th, 2007.

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Brian Gooding Wins the Mobile 6Up Game
09/23/2007, Sunday

Brian Gooding won the 6Up mobile telephone cricket gambling game. He won a total of $20,000 dollars from the games.

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Probability Hires Bill Henbrey to Company Board
09/19/2007, Wednesday

Mobile gaming company Probability PLC has appointed Bill Henbrey to its board. The company said that they are thankful for the services that the resigning members provided the company.

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Mobile Gambling in Britain is On the Rise
09/16/2007, Sunday

Studies by the Gambling Commission that are released on August 1st, 2007 shows that mobile gambling is on the rise. It also shows that most players that utilizes mobile gambling are male players.

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North Delhi Illegal Cricket Betting Ring Closed Down by Police Officers
09/12/2007, Wednesday

Police officers arrested Saurabh and Sachin Gupta for allegedly operating an illegal betting ring in North Delhi. Police officers also confiscated four cellular phones and others.

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Negreanu and I-Play Collaborate to Make Mobile Poker Instructional Videos
09/11/2007, Tuesday

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu and I-Play collaborated together to make mobile instructional poker videos. Beginners and advance players can immediately understand the videos.

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Royal Vegas Debuts in Mobile Phones
09/10/2007, Monday

Spin3 announced on August 6th, 2007 that Royal Vegas jumped onto the mobile bandwagon. Both sides said that they have learned a lot from their collaboration and are happy working with one another.

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