Mobile Betting News - September 2005

Mobile Betting in South Africa
09/23/2005, Friday

On October first mobile betting will be legalized in South Africa and local mobile phones and PDA's providers will begin offering various gambling and betting services. Though this move was a target for some debate logic overcame prejudice in this case. A popular claim was that the low-limit bets ...

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Mobile betting revenues
09/15/2005, Thursday

According to recent research the use of cell phone betting on lotteries and competitions is expected to generate the astonishing amount of $788 in revenues millions till the end of 2006. Latest research preformed by Jupiter Research shows that lotteries are very easy to do and are very low cost. ...

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Controlling mobile gambling
09/08/2005, Thursday

It is a well known fact that the thing that holds back mobile gambling is not technology but legislation. Ironically though the main objection stated is the uncontrolled nature of cell phones. Many legislators claim that children can easily access their parents' cell phone and gamble away. Another ...

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