Mobile Betting News - November 2007

National Gaming Survey States that Canadians Like Online Betting and Mobile Betting
05/20/2008, Tuesday

Allan Greg said that the survey shows that young people like to play on an online casino or with their phones. Canada's government and charities also receive a lot of profits from the games.

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FET Debuts FET Sports Channel Together With Sports Lottery and Mobile Betting
05/19/2008, Monday

Far Eastone Telecommunications recently launched their sports channel. The company will also launch sports lottery and mobile wagering.

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Betfair Given Its 2nd Queens Award for Excellence in Enterprise
05/07/2008, Wednesday

Betfair has been given the Queens award for the 2nd time around. Betfair is currently developing their mobile gaming offering.

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WinAsUGo Offers Prepaid Cards for Mobile Casino Gaming
05/06/2008, Tuesday

Mobile casino provider WinAsUGo made prepaid cards for its mobile gambling customers. It can be used for games like slots, blackjack, slots and other casino games.

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Mobile Gaming Market on the Rise According to Rajter and Soderlund
05/05/2008, Monday

Christian Rajter and Lars Soderlund both said that companies can really earn from the mobile gaming industry. The industry can also be the brand new source of income for gaming organizations.

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