Mobile Betting News - May 2007

Cometa Wireless Gaming Systems Earn $2 Million for Casino Games
05/22/2007, Tuesday

Cometa Wireless Gaming Systems announced that they have $2 million of new funds from Mfusion. Cometa offers Blackjack, Poker and other casino table games on mobile phones.

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Unibet Posts Good Profit for the First Quarter of This Year
05/20/2007, Sunday

Petter Nylander, CEO of Unibet, an online gaming and mobile phone company, announced that they have a good profit taking for the 1st Quarter of this year.

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New York Allows Horse Racing Wagering Powered by Sona Mobile
05/14/2007, Monday

The New York State Racing and Betting give permission to NYRAs application for pari mutuel betting on online sites. NYRA's online betting platform will be powered by SONA Mobile.

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New York Approves of Internet and Cellphone Betting Regulations
05/13/2007, Sunday

The New York Racing and Betting Board has approved of NYRA's pari-mutuel betting application. NYRA can now offer their online betting platform made possible by SONA Mobile.

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Zero36 Launches Mobile Casino Services
05/08/2007, Tuesday

Zero36, a developer of mobile games, announced the launch of their O2 i-mode games in Britain using mobile phones. Customers can also play poker, keno and many other games via their mobile phones.

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New Rounders Poker Game Based on the Film Rounders to be Accessed via Mobile Phones
05/07/2007, Monday

The Nazara Company from India created a Rounders Poker Game based on the film, Rounders. Nazaras CEO, Nitish Mittersain, said that they have made the game resemble the film as closely as possible.

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Betting Ring in Salt Lake Discovered by Police Officers
05/03/2007, Thursday

Police Officers led by Officer Kumar arrested Adarsh Mohta, Jitesh Khaitan and Dinesh Yadav. The trio are involved in illegal cricket betting.

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