Mobile Betting News - January 2008

Million 2-1 and Rank Finalizes Mobile Gaming Agreement
03/18/2009, Wednesday

Million 2-1 and Rank finalized a mobile gaming partnership that will allow players to enjoy games from IGT and Barcrest. Both companies expects a lot from the mobile gaming partnership.

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Spin3 Launches Thunderstruck Game on Ladbrokes Mobile Casino
03/17/2009, Tuesday

Spin3 has recently debut the Thunderstruck five-reel mobile casino slots game. Matti Zinder said that they are hoping that their players will love the game.

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eCOGRA Expands to Bingo, Sports Betting and Live Gaming
03/12/2009, Thursday

eCOGRA has expanded their testing to bingo, sports betting and live gambling. Previously, eCOGRA only validates online casinos, poker rooms and mobile casinos.

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Research Markets Releases Results of Mobile Betting Study
03/11/2009, Wednesday

Research and Markets have recently released the 5th edition of their mobile gaming study. The study details all of the expectations and predictions regarding the future of mobile gaming.

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Platinum Play Releases Brand New Games for Customers
03/10/2009, Tuesday

Platinum Play mobile recently released brand new games for their loyal customers. Players will also be able to ask the things that they do not know with Platinum Play mobiles 24/7 customer support.

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Mkodo to Fulfill Sky Bets Mobile Gaming Needs
03/09/2009, Monday

Mkodo will be the sole provider of Sky Bets mobile gaming requirements. Both sides believe that the partnership will be beneficial on both sides.

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The Startling Contrast of the Mobile Gaming Market Compared With Other Gaming Markets
03/08/2009, Sunday

There is a lot of great expectations about the future of the mobile gaming market. It is widely expected that global gross win from mobile betting services will surpassed $1 billion by 2012.

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BSkyB Picks Mkodo for their Mobile Gaming Needs
03/05/2009, Thursday

Mkodo has been picked by BSkyB as their mobile gaming provider. Both sides expressed their optimism and happiness about the partnership.

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Rapid Mobiles ThinkPhone System Allows for Sophisticated Mobile Gaming
03/04/2009, Wednesday

The brand new ThinkPhone system of Rapid Mobile will allow for one-of-a kind mobile gambling. But gaming critics worry that it might just worsen gaming addiction in the UK.

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UK Remote Gaming Expected to Grow Significantly in the Next Few Years
03/03/2009, Tuesday

It is widely expected that the remote gaming market particularly mobile betting will grow significantly in the next few years. the United Kingdom is also expected to lead this growth.

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Hop-On to License Mobile Gambling Software in Europe and other Countries
03/01/2009, Sunday

Hop-On plans to license their mobile betting software in Europe and other parts of the world. Peter Michaels said that new 3G technologies and cellphones will help push the growth of mobile gaming.

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