Mobile Betting News - March 2008

BetMarkets Conference to Be Held on March 31st, 2008
03/05/2008, Wednesday

The second year of the BetMarkets conferences promises to be a good one. It will be held on March 31st, 2008.

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Hop-On Continues to Acquire Trademarks for Mobile Plans
03/04/2008, Tuesday

Hop-on Incorporated is continuing to process and pursue trademarks for their plans in the mobile market. Hop-on is also currently making its presence known in the mobile market.

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Mfuse Signs Mobile Deal With Ladbrokes
03/03/2008, Monday

Mobile company Mfuse Limited signs an agreement with Ladbrokes to help the company promote their mobile offerings. Mfuse said that they believe that advertising could help the cause of their client.

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Spin3 Finalizes PacificNet Mobile Deal
03/02/2008, Sunday

Spin3 recently announced that they have finalized their mobile gaming agreement with PacificNet. Officials from both companies agreed that this a good deal for both sides.

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