Mobile Betting News - June 2007

Darren M. Wins 20,000 Pounds from Wild Jack Mobile
06/20/2007, Wednesday

Darren M. wins 20,000 pounds jackpot of WJMC. Matt Zinder of Spin3 said that this only proves that the mobile industry is on its way to becoming the number one market in the gambling industry.

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Sona Mobiles Shuffle Master Recognized by Casino Journal
06/19/2007, Tuesday

Sona Mobiles Shuffle Master was recognized by Casino Journal as one of the top 20 gaming products of 2007. Shawn Kreloff said that they are honored that their hard work was recognized.

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GSN and Two Way Collaborate to Bring Interacive Mobile to U.S. TV Programming
06/18/2007, Monday

GSN and Two Way collaborate to bring viewers interactive mobile gaming. The games that the two companies intend to offer include poker and blackjack.

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SONA Mobile Gets Permission for Wireless Plans from Nevada Gaming Commission
06/05/2007, Tuesday

Sona Mobile recently debuted their Sona Gaming Systems, which allow players to participate in any part of the licensed casino facility with the use of their mobile phones.

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Glu Mobile's World Series of Poker Pro Challenge
06/03/2007, Sunday

Glu Mobile borrowed some poker celebrity status with the release of their World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge. Players can compete with poker celebrities like Shannon Elizabeth and many more.

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