Mobile Betting News - February 2006

Spin3 Launches Mobile Progressive Jackpot Betting Services
02/23/2006, Thursday

Spin3, the mobile betting systems developer, has launched a new minimum 250,000 Pounds three-reel slot video Progressive Jackpot in the UK on the 15th of February.

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Vegas Wireless Entertainment bought by Bico Inc
02/20/2006, Monday

Vegas Wireless Entertainment (VWE) was bought by Bico Inc on 12/2 in order to harvest expand Bico's mobile gaming services

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Txt2Bet SMS Services Under Criticism
02/08/2006, Wednesday

The South Australian Member of Parliament had asked the federal government to ban Txt2Bet mobile betting sms services

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Revenues for Mobile Betting Companies at 2006 Football World Cup
02/01/2006, Wednesday

VisionGain, UK's independent media company has released its report on future revenues made by the mobile betting industry from 2006 World Cup.

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