Mobile Betting News - December 2007

Centrebet and Mfuse Partnership Now Operational
12/30/2007, Sunday

Centrebet and Mfuse announced the realization of their partnership with the release of their mobile gaming site. Kafataris said that they see the growth of mobile gaming products in the future.

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Digital Orchid Offers Mexico National Lottery on Mobile Phones
12/27/2007, Thursday

Digital Orchid Incorporated debuted the National Lottery on cellular phones in Mexico. Bob Betros that they are happy about the success of their mobile lottery project.

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Hop-On Incorporated Looks for Mobile Gaming Software Distributors
12/26/2007, Wednesday

Hop-on Incorporated is looking for partners for their mobile gambling program. The Casino Host of Hop-on will provide all of the material for players to enjoy casino games.

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Hop-on Keeps An Eye Out for Casino Hosts
12/25/2007, Tuesday

Hop-on Incorporated is currently looking for casino hosts that will offer and distribute their mobile gaming products. Players can now play anywhere, anytime they like with their mobile phones.

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Hop-on Benefits from AT&T and Verizon Mobile Announcement
12/24/2007, Monday

he announcement made by AT&T and Verizon will greatly benefit Hop-on. The main reason is that Hop-on will have more access to potential customers.

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You Bet's United Tote Presents Mobile Betting Solution
12/23/2007, Sunday

United Tote recently debuted their mobile phone wagering solution with Phantom Fiber Corporation. The company said that the mobile service will allow players to place wagers.

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A Good Deal for Probability, PLC
12/11/2007, Tuesday

Probability, PLC announced that they will be giving casino games for The Sun. Some of these games include casino games, slots and bingo games.

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Intralot Criticized for Mobile Lottery in NSW
12/10/2007, Monday

Intralot has draw a lot of opposition in NSW regarding their plan to let customers buy lottery tickets with their mobile phones. But Intralot said that they want to meet the demand of their customers.

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Hop-On Pleased With House Judiciary Committees Hearing on Mobile Gaming
12/09/2007, Sunday

Hop-on Incorporated is pleased with the result of the House Judiciary Committe regarding mobile gaming. The company added that they will have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the market.

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Juniper Expect Good Growth for Mobile Gaming
12/05/2007, Wednesday

The study conducted made by U.K.-based Juniper Research states that mobile gaming will grow by $12 billion by 2010. U.S. is also expected to overtake the U.K. if the UIGEA is repealed.

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Mobile Gaming in Victoria by Intralot
12/04/2007, Tuesday

Gamblers could now enjoy lottery with their mobile phones in Victoria. Intralot has been recently granted a license by the Victorian Government.

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Zone4Play and Two Way Media Limited Forms Two Way Gaming Limited
12/03/2007, Monday

Zone4Play and Two Way collaborate to form Two Way Gaming. The main reason for the partnership is to take advantage of the British gambling market.

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Gov. Patricks Plans to Ban Mobile Gaming in Massachusetts
12/02/2007, Sunday

Gov. Deval Patrick is planning to ban Mobile gaming in Massachusetts. Mobile gambling supporters are against this plan by Gov. Patrick.

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