Mobile Betting News - August 2007

Del Mar Commissions Sona Mobile to Develop Wireless Wagering Platform
08/13/2007, Monday

Del Mar asked Sona Mobile to make a wireless platform that will allow their customers to bet securely using their PDAs.Both sides said to expect great things from the partnership.

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Haryana Police Officers Arrest Sunil Kumar on Illegal Betting Charges
08/08/2007, Wednesday

The police department in Haryana arrested Sunil Kumar on illegal betting charges. Police officers confiscated a television, 2 mobile phones, Rs. 4500 in money, a diary and a calculator from Kumar.

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Aces Royal Roulette Now Available on Mobile Phones
08/07/2007, Tuesday

Aces Royal recently launched Aces Royal Roulette via cellular phones. Peter Karsten, CEO of Aces Royal, said that players can now play the game anywhere with the use of their mobile phones.

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65 Bookmakers Arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Squad in India
08/06/2007, Monday

The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested 65 illegal betting suspects in Mumbra on July 23, 2007. Police officers also confiscated the suspects' computers and mobile phones.

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MobileAware Announces Company Plans at the Gaming Executive Summit
08/03/2007, Friday

Sales Director of the EMEA, Victor Brophy, explained the company's plans and strategies at the recently concluded Gaming Executive Summit. He claims that this is a good time to take advantage of the growing mobile gambling market.

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HipCricket Incorporated Collaborates With Several Broadcasting Organizations on Mobile Marketing
08/02/2007, Thursday

HipCricket Incorporated announced their partnership with several broadcasting groups on July 10, 2007. Both parties agree that the partnership is beneficial for both sides.

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