Mobile Betting News - April 2007

Interactive Gaming Market Developer Zone4Play Discusses Their Plans for 2007
04/18/2007, Wednesday

Zone4Play, a well-known developer in the interactive gaming market, outlined their plans for 2007 on April 2, 2007. The company plans to concentrate on interactive TV Gaming and their Blackjack Tournament.

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Pixel Play Gets on the Mobile Gaming Wagon
04/17/2007, Tuesday

Pixel Play, a popular provider of interactive games, announced that they will be launching games that are made by Slingo, a gaming organization that hosts a variety of games found on the web.

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Betting Racket Discovered in Mumbai and Chennai
04/15/2007, Sunday

Officers from the CID apprehended Bagaria, Kochar and Bhojnagarwala for participating in betting activities. Officers also confiscated computers, cellular phones and other betting evidence.

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Illegal Betting Ring Raided in Kolkata India
04/12/2007, Thursday

Officers from Kolkata raided an illegal betting ring in Baguihati arresting the following 3 bookmakers - Anil Bagaria, Praveen Kochar and Rajesh Agarwal.

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High-End Betting Racket in New Delhi Discovered by Authorities
04/05/2007, Thursday

Officers from Saraswati Vihar have arrested Vikrant Gupta and Anil Garg for conducting illegal cricket betting activities from their car.

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Nagpur Authorities Set to Stop Bookmakers and Mobile Gambling
04/04/2007, Wednesday

A special cell of Nagpur police officers are currently under special training in order to fight illegal betting rings. Illegal betting is rampant in India, especially with the cricket world cup.

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27 Suspects Were Arrested Due to Illegal Betting Activities in Tardeo and Chembur
04/02/2007, Monday

Police Officers led by Sanjay Morihite arrested 27 people involved with illegal betting on cricket matches between India and Sri Lanka. Police also confiscated telephones and mobile phones.

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