Mobile Betting

A New Australian Research Sets to Examine the Phenomenon of Mobile Gambling

A group of four researchers from three universities have joined forces, to try and examine the recent phenomenon of mobile gambling, and study it's affect on users. The participating researchers come from Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Griffith University.

Mobile gambling, also known as M-gambling, is a new and risky form of betting, and is vastly expanding, according to Dr. Judy Drennan, team leader of the study.

According to Drennan's statement, the risk of mobile gambling lies in:

  • The instant access and easy to use interface of mobile gambling.
  • The danger of attracting youngsters into mobile gambling.
  • The possibility that mobile gambling users will not be aware of the money they lose, because of the use of account payment instead of cash.

David Thorns, CEO of, says the mobile gambling service avoids these risks. By adding an age limit, only adult users can participate in cash or play games on the cell phone.

Moreover, gamblers have a chart that can be seen at any time on the cell phone screen, that tells the current wins and losses for the player's account.

Mobile gambling is already becoming a growing industry, and Juniper Research predicts its profit growing to 19.3 million dollars by 2009. This kind of research as the one headed by Drennan, is an important tool that will help us understand mobile betting in future times.

Richard Thompson - Managing Editor