Nevada Regulators State Mobile Betting Services "Secure and Reliable"

Last week, on the 23rd of February, the Nevada gambling regulators gathered in Carson City and anonymously voted and approved the use of mobile betting services. Though this is only a preliminary step, preceding the actual approving of mobile betting games in Nevada's casinos, it is a vote of faith in wireless gambling games by the state's officials.

As a result of January's mobile betting review of the state Gaming Commission on this topic, the Nevada gambling regulators assembled and taken the mobile betting industry another step forward. The commission has anonymously voted that such wireless gambling applications are both reliable and secure and they do prevent access to minors, which is a considered by many as a the major hazard of the mobile betting industry.

The next and final step in the procedure of approving mobile gambling games in casinos would take place in Las Vegas on the 23rd of March 2006, when the Gaming Commission would assemble once again. Be sure to check our latest news, where 777 Mobile betting will keep you updated on the latest mobile betting issues.

Donald Lewis. Editorial Staff 26/FEB/2006