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Nevada Regulators Approve Launch Of Mobile Casino Games

Nevada regulators have given International Game Technology the approval through the issuance of their license to compete in Nevada's emerging mobile gambling market.

The State Gaming Commission voted unanimously for IGT's approval following the recommendation of the State Gaming Control Board.

IGT is the second major company, other than Cantor Gaming, to be authorised as a licensed distributor of wireless devices used in the mobile gamling market. Cantor was responsible for the legislative efforts allowing wireless gaming in Nevada.

The 2005 legislation established regulations, whcih were passed in March of 2006, making Nevada the first state permitting wireless gambling in public casino areas that can be supervised.

Casino advocates believe the move will allow for better space utilization in the casinos and allow them to diversify their non-gambling activites as the games can be moved from place to place by the players. Under existing laws the systems will be linked only to the casinos as it is illegal for them to tie into online casinos using the internet.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006