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Negreanu and I-Play Collaborate to Make Mobile Poker Instructional Videos

On August 22nd, 2007, top poker pro Daniel Negreanu has joined forces with mobile phone company I-Play to make different poker instructional videos that are easily accessible with the players' mobile phone.

Negreanu, who originally hails from Canada, will now be able to teach poker to the users of Sprint mobile phones or Cingular mobile phones. The poker video series is called Win at Texas Hold'em and features video clips of different poker tips to poker players in five categories.

The categories are beginner, advanced, bluffs and tells, tournament strategies and secrets on how to win in poker. The video clips are shot at the Venetian. Poker enthusiasts will also be able to pick different segments from Negreanu's video log that are also available with the poker instructional videos. It is predicted that mobile gaming and any other mobile related entertainment will grow over the next five years.

According to the studies conducted by Juniper Research, the market for mobile related content like gaming will grow from $1 billion dollars back in 2006 to $3.8 billion dollars with a yearly growth of 27 percent.

Mobile sport, leisure, information content and services are expected to produce a total of $42 billion dollars in total profits from 2006 to 2011. It is only fitting that Daniel Negreanu and I-Play make this great concept to keep up with the growing demand for mobile market.

I-Play also plans to debut their Win at Texas Holdem with Daniel Negreanu's gaming application on the North American and European mobile phone market later this year.


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